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Outriders is out now and is probably going to take up your next few weekends. Here are some tips that will help affect how smooth your loot-and-shoot RPG experience will be.

If You’re Stuck On The Title Screen, Wait A While…

Outriders just came out, so there’s going to be network and online issues. If you have been stuck on an infinite loading screen, just stay in line. You’ll get in eventually. Apparently, Reddit users said they waited approximately 5 minutes to get in the game.

Change Your Auto-Loot Rarity Management

There’s an option to sort our your loot so that you can collect whatever you missed out on in a stage or mission. You can change those options to either have it collect just rare equipment, or all of them from common to orange.

Here’s the colour system for loot in Outriders: 

Turn Off Your “Auto Set Max World Tier” Option

Ever wonder why Outriders is getting tougher the deeper you get into it? That’s because the game’s World Tier level settings are on automatic. This means that whenever you level up a World Tier (by levelling up and playing the game), you head to the next difficulty setting.

If you want to just cruise through the game’s story missions solo without much hassle, just turn the auto option off and set it to whichever tier you’re comfortable with. Otherwise, if you play mostly with groups who know their way around looter-shooters, leave it. Sometimes you want to have manual control over whether bullets hurt you more or whether you want shinier weapons.

Turn Off Crossplay For Now

Outriders lets you play with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation users via crossplay in co-op fashion. However, developer People Can Fly are currently fixing that at the moment since the game just launched.

The game’s crossplay is pretty awesome, but there’s a good chance you may have frequent disconnects playing with other players on different consoles than with those on the same platform you’re on. If you feel like your games are facing a lot of server and disconnects in these next few days, consider turning off crossplay temporarily until things end up rosey again.

Increase Cinematic Camera Smoothing

Outriders’ cutscenes sometimes have too much of a shakey effect, like as if there’s a GoPro strapped onto someone’s drunk-ass head. To tone the shakey effects down during cutscenes, go to your options menu and increase the cinematic camera smoothing to stabilize the camera.

[UPDATE] You Can Pause Outriders In Single-Player Mode If You Have An Nvidia GPU

Now we’re up to six! If you own an Nvidia GPU, you probably have used the GeForce Experience software that comes with it; that’s how you usually update to the latest drivers. You can use the photo mode called Ansel by pressing Alt-F2, which pauses the game and puts you in photo mode. This is very helpful since the only place where you can AFK is at the campsite.

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