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What Can We Expect From Amazon’s Invincible In The Future?

Amazon’s Invincible series has wrapped up its first season, and it’s pretty epic.

Sure, the spotty animation at times & the terrible music choices for key emotional scenes (think crappier versions of Post Malone’s Spider-Verse song) can be distracting. However, the whole series delivers the goods from the optimistic storytelling and superheroics to the really visceral outcomes of the fights. Plus, our main hero Mark Grayson/Invincible is loveable yet not without his many faults.

Turns out a lot of people really like this show, to the point where Amazon Studios and Skybound have greenlit two more seasons for this animated series. Which begs the question: where will the story go from here after the end of Season 1?

Here are our thoughts and predictions. We’re delving into comic book spoiler territory here, so here are your multiple warnings.

More Allen The Alien & Intergalactic Travel

Following the conclusion of Season 1, we see Allen talking to Mark about the next steps, which involves the Coalition of Planets and powering up to take on oncoming Viltrumites who will check up on Earth. This also means we’ll see more Allen the Alien, the Coalition of Planets and how they look like & deal with intergalactic problems.

We will also get to see the animated version of the Coalition’s capital planet of Talescria. It’s a beautiful sci-fi futuristic city with tons of different races. Viltrumites excluded, for obvious reasons.

The Sequids

The final episode of Season 1 saw the birth of the Sequid army, led by one of the possessed astronauts in an earlier episode. The new Guardians of the Globe along with Invincible and Atom Eve had to fly down to Mars to sort the problem out since they’re powerful in droves and can form into one giant Sequid whirlwind of doom.

The Sequid leader is also pivotal in Mark’s growth as a superhero, as he had to make a really unpopular decision to deal with the problem permanently. After all, the possessed astronaut is actually still alive and under mind control. To be fair, the second major fight with the Sequids was a near-unwinnable battle by conventional superhero standards.

Angstrom Levy

We should also bring up another major antagonist in the series: Angstrom Levy. In the comics, he is a dimensional traveller who only wishes to cram all his alternate versions of himself into a single entity. This experiment he tried to pull off ended up going wrong thanks to Invincible’s accidental interference.

Deformed and freakish (though he’s super-smart), Angstrom Levy dedicates his life to take revenge on Invincible and on everyone he loves. This includes his mom Debbie and Eve. Of course, Invincible will stop him, though at one point he thought that he killed the bad guy and left him stranded in his own dimensional devices.

His presence in the comics is important because he’s a major obstacle in Invincible/Mark’s life, especially when it comes to a major dimension-hopping catastrophe later on.

Cecil’s Relationship With Mark

Mark trusts Cecil and his government work as a result of Season 1’s ending; the latter has helped him and his mom through rough times. At least, until Mark learns that he has been using villains to help do up his projects. This made Mark break ties with him and go independent.

This needs to be built up in the second season, and then torn down like a house of cards in the subsequent one. Both parties are not quite innocent: Cecil will go through any means to preserve peace and keep Earth safe, while Mark is a loose cannon.

Cecil’s Origin Story

Want to know why Cecil does the things he does to keep Earth safe? Why would he collaborate with villains and murderers to preserve the peace?

Well it’s because of his origin story and how he came into the government while learning lessons about “the big picture”. Which we’ll see fully fleshed out midway in Season 2 at the earliest.

Mark’s Relationship With Atom Eve

The next few seasons will see the friendship between Mark and Atom Eve become more than just that. After all, they’re both superheroes and can relate to each other.

Of course, this is bad for the new & woke Amber; it’ll be interesting to see how this adaptation handles Mark’s love triangle and the dynamics.

Invincible Meets His Dad On Another Planet

Speaking of space travel, Nolan Grayson has been busy for a year since he left Earth in Season 1. After some circumstances involving Mark’s favourite comic book character coming to life, he gets an invite to see his dad on another planet he’s conquered: Thraxa. He did this to lessen his sentence for deserting the Viltrum Empire.

Instead of coming to blows, they both hug it out after not seeing each other for a year.

Also, Nolan got busy with another mate, who ends up giving birth to Mark’s new brother Oliver. His little brother ends up in the care of his mom on Earth after Nolan gets detained by the Viltrumites.

The Early Appearances Of Certain Viltrumites…

These next few seasons will see the debut of Viltrumites visiting Earth to check up on Invincible/Mark, to see how the conquering of Earth is going.

One of them is a female warrior named Anissa. While she makes some appearances here and there throughout the series mostly as an antagonist, she is responsible for a rather traumatic event for Mark. Though that’s only going to happen further down the line, beyond Season 3 onward.

…And Conquest

Can’t forget about the big bad for one of Invincible’s story arcs, can we? He made a cameo in the end of Season 1 where Nolan tells Mark the truth about the Viltrumites and their conquering ways.

After a major catastrophe later in the series, Mark helps with city clean-up duty. Enter the Viltrumite known as Conquest. He’s basically Nolan times a hundred in terms of power levels. He basically kicks Mark’s ass worst than Nolan did.

The only difference? Mark does come out on top as he’s much stronger than in Season 1. I can predict that the show’s budget will be funnelled just for this particular story arc and its alien supermen battle, though it’ll only happen late in Season 3.

Invincible Wars

Bad guy Angstrom Levy pulls out a huge number of Mark Graysons/Invincibles from alternate timelines to basically smear the original Invincible’s name. It ended up being quite a catastrophe for Earth.

Imagine 16+ super-evil versions of Invincible against all of the world’s superheroes. Yeah, that’s basically eight Nolans from Season 1.

There needs to be a build-up for Angstrom Levy in Season 2 and also the groundwork of alternate timelines and dimensions before any of this can take place. We also need to see the city and world’s superheroes growing to a good acceptable rate if we want to have a major superhero battle of this magnitude.

We’re guessing this major story arc will only happen in Season 3 of the show.


We will see the introduction of a new superhero named Bulletproof. His real name is Zandale Rudolph and he ends up being a new member of the Guardians of the Globe later in the comics.

He’s pretty important because at one point, he subs for Invincible while he’s out of Earth, or when he’s out of commission.

More Battle Beast

But of course.

I’m not sure how they’ll fit him in since he only meets up with Mark later in the Viltrumite War, which will probably only happen after Season 3.

But I’m sure Mark wants a rematch with the alien who basically put him on life support in Season 1. And maybe an origin story and finding out his real name: Thokk. Count on it.

In any case, the future of Invincible is looking very bright and colourful. And also full of blood and gore. Let us know your favourite Invincible story arcs you want to see in Season 2 and 3 on our social networks and website.

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