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Larian has announced that its upcoming CRPG Baldur’s Gate 3 will be out in full “hopefully somewhere in 2022”. In the meantime, the game’s Patch 5 will go live on 13 July and will feature mechanical changes based on community feedback.

Here are the changes:

  • Dice-rolling gets a fancy interface that shows modifiers being added after the roll.
  • You can also cast spells to influence dice rolls.
  • You can have party members assist with their own spells; however they can turn you down in multiplayer mode.
  • Camping now requires you to use resources and supplies (like food) for long rests; no more free naps after every fight.
  • Camping will take place based on the surroundings you’re in, so you’re not stuck with the same forest near the beach.
  • Combat changes include jump being a separate action and disengage being a full action, the option to cancel spells that require spellcaster concentration, and a toggle for non-lethal attacks to knock enemies unconscious.
  • Secret miniquests based on each character’s background to reward them for playing to type, like in tabletop D&D.
  • NPC now can bark & shout specific lines for various actions.

The next patch, Patch 6, will feature new content. Check out the latest community Panel from Hell livestream below.

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