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In Monster Hunter Stories 2, collecting eggs from Monster Dens and hatching them to create your army of powerful Monsties is the name of the JRPG game here. You can do these by raiding Monster Dens and getting eggs by searching their nests.

Keep in mind the following while you’re going egg hunting:

  • The heavier and smellier the egg, the better Monstie qualities and stats you’ll get.
  • If the egg is gold & shiny, that’s an egg you want to keep and hatch.
  • If you’re in the vicinity of the nest in a Monster Den, just check your surroundings for extra items to farm and pick up as well as deal with any Monster threats before going for the egg.
  • To get High Rank Monster Eggs, you need to finish the game.
  • Make space in your stable. You can do this by getting stable expansion plans from the Melynx Inc. dealer using bottle caps you can farm from Everdens all across the Monster Hunter Stories 2 world.

But what monsters will you get from the eggs you find? Here’s the full list of eggs and their associated Monsters. Keep in mind that not all the eggs listed here are available in the main story; you have to finish the game and play the post-game section to get these rare eggs.


Zamtrios – Blue egg with orange stripes.

Bird Wyvern

Blue Yian Kut-Ku – Light turqoise egg with yellow patches.

Crimson Qurupeco – Red egg with yellow patches.

Gendrome – Light green egg with brown patches.

Great Baggi – Dark blue egg with bright yellow patches.

Great Jaggi – Purple egg with dull red patches.

Gypceros – Blue egg with pink patches.

Iodrome – Hot pink egg with purple patches.

Kulu-Ya-Ku – White egg with pale orange patches.

Pukei-Pukei – Green egg with white patches.

Purple Gypceros – Purple egg with lime green patches.

Qurupeco – Green egg with purple patches.

Velocidrome – Water blue egg with brown patches.

Yian Garuga – Ultramarine egg with pink patches.

Yian Kut-Ku – Pink egg with blue patches.

Brute Wyvern

Anjanath – Pink egg with black sharp stripes like a tiger.

Barroth – Brown egg with tan stripes.

Brachydios – Blue egg with green stripes.

Deviljho – Olive green egg with brown stripes.

Fulgur Anjanath – White egg with brown stripes.

Glavenus – Dark blue egg with light brown stripes.

Jade Barroth – Turquoise egg with light blue stripes.

Uragaan – Yellow egg with dark brown stripes.

Elder Dragon Eggs

Nergigante – Orange egg with black six-pointed star shapes.

Fanged Beast Egg

Arzuros – Blue egg with green patches.

Bulldrome – Dark brown egg with light brown pointy patches.

Congalala – Pink egg with light green pointy patches.

Emerald Congalala – Light green egg with pale orange pointy patches.


Gammoth – Ultramarine egg with dark brown pointy patches.

Kecha Wacha – Orange egg with red pointy patches.

Lambogi – White egg with purple pointy patches.

Fanged Wyvern Eggs

Stygian Zinogre – Ultramarine egg with white jagged stripes (like lightning bolts).

Tobi Kadachi – Pale blue egg with black jagged stripes (like lightning bolts).

Zinogre – Light turquoise egg with yellow jagged stripes (like lightning bolts).

Flying Wyvern Eggs

Azure Rathalos – Light blue egg with dark blue stripes.

Barioth – White egg with brown connected stripes.

Basarios – Light brown egg with brown connected stripes.

Brute Tigrex – Orange egg with dark brown connected stripes.

Black Diablos – Dark grey egg with dark brown connected stripes.

Diablos – Pale brown egg with slightly dark brown connected stripes.

Gravios – White egg with pale orange connected stripes.

Green Nargacuga – Lemon yellow egg with lime green connected stripes.

Khezu – Light blue egg with pale red connected stripes.

Monoblos – Orange egg with dark orange connected stripes.

Nargacuga – Neon pink egg with ultramarine connected stripes.

Paolumu – White egg with pale brown connected stripes.

Rathalos – Orange egg with dark blue connected stripes.

Rathian – White egg with lime green connected stripes.

Seregios – Yellow egg with brown connected stripes

Tigrex – Yellow egg with blue connected stripes.

White Monoblos – White egg with faded brown connected stripes.


Apceros – Orange egg with pale yellow long oval shapes.

Aptonoth – Army green egg with pale purple long oval shapes.

Popo – Dark brown egg with yellow long oval shapes.


Ivory Lagiacrus – White egg with blue wavey stripes.

Lagiacrus – Blue egg with red stripes.

Mitzutsune – Red egg with white wavey stripes.

Royal Ludroth – Green egg with yellow wavey stripes.

Piscine Wyvern

Cephadrom – Dark brown egg with orange circles.

Temnoceran Eggs

Nerscylla – Purple egg with thin blood orange stripes.

Shrouded Nerscylla – White egg with thin yellow stripes.

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