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Tales of Arise Guide: How To Farm Up To Level 100

Just like with all traditional JRPGs, or at least new JRPGs of 2021 that have an inkling of tradition, Tales of Arise lets you grind battles to get to the highest level possible. Once you get a character to Level 100, you get the Peak Strength trophy/achievement, so it’s probably worth getting if you’re planning on sinking more hours into the game.

This guide will mention some slight spoilers, so here’s your brief warning. We’ll keep our tips as vague as possible. Also, do check out our other Tales of Arise guides.

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Just a heads-up: this requires you to complete the game, so after the game’s story, you can proceed to this method. This method will let you get up to 150,000XP every 3 to 5 minutes. In other words, you can reach Level 100 in an hour or so. To do this, you have to fight a Level 95 boss called Chronos repeatedly. To get to him, you need to do the following steps.

#1. Complete The Following Sub-Quests: “The Spirit Temple”, “Another Hillside Anomaly”, “Otherworldly Visitors”

The Spirit Temple sub-quest is available later in the story after you’ve beaten the 5th Lord. Backtrack to Realm 3: Menancia, then to the Traslida Highway.

Talk to the man in front of the white merchant cart to get this quest. He’ll send you to the neighbouring region Tietal Plains and then you can enter the glowing portal there. This leads to a dungeon where you must run from one portal to the next.

At the end, you face the Grand Gnome boss. After defeating it return to the quest giver. This quest will net you the Golden Suit of Armor Artifact which gives you a permanent 80% EXP Boost. Make sure to turn it on in the Artifact settings.

The “Another Hillside Anomaly” sub-quest can be activated by talking to the woman near the entrance of Viscint (on the bridge when you’re coming from Traslida Highway). She’ll only be there after you beat the main story. For this quest, you need to return to the underground dungeon in Tietal Plains and talk to the person there.

The “Otherworldly Visitors” sub-quest will start after you’re done with “Another Hillside Anomaly”. This quest requires you to step through rift portals and beat all 6 dungeons. Oh, and you should at least be at Level 70 at this point. The end of this questline will feature our farmable boss Chronus.

#2. Farm Chronus

Chronus will be at “Vesper Rift” of the Earth Spirit Temple, the last area of the dungeon. Fight him. After you defeat him, talk to Chronus again and you can fight him as often as you like.

At lower levels you get more XP, which can be up to 150,000+ XP per fight and gives you a few level ups at once. Later at Level 95 and above, you may only get 30,000 XP and only get 1 level up per fight but it’s still very quick. You should be able to reach Level 100 within 1 hour using this method.

Here are some tips on how to deal with Chronus.

  • Max out your Pineapple Gels and Life Bottles. You’re not here to get a super-high grade for a fight, so don’t worry too much about rankings in fights.
  • Put Shionne and Dohalim on your active team; they are able to revive you if you go down. Having two healers is crucial since Chronus can pull off long combos that can kill party members regardless of their level.
  • Cook “Wieners” with Law to greatly increase attack power before a fight. Cook “Sushi” with Dohalim to get a Large XP boost after a fight.

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