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Tales of Arise Owl Guide: How To Find All The Birds

Tales of Arise’s obligatory JRPG collectathon item comes in the form of the wise old owl. Or rather all 38 of them.

Not only do you net achievements for finding a specific number of owls, as well as get some sweet cosmetics to dress your characters up, but you’ll get a special artifact for finding all of them. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our other Tales of Arise guides:

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Here’s how to find all 38 of them. We’ll divide them into different regions. Just keep in mind the following:

-The remaining 6 owls will only appear if you find all 32 owls.
You can miss one of the owls: if you miss Owl #26, you cannot go back and find it post-game or when you’re free-roaming before the final stage.


Owl #1 – Dog Tail

Location: Sandinus Ravin.

This owl is located just before the entrance to Ulzebek, it’s at the end of a bridge.

Owl #2 – Rabbit Ears

Location: Ulzebek.

This bird is sitting on top of a house in Ulzebek. You must climb the ladder inside the house, then climb a second ladder on the balcony to reach the rooftop.

Owl #3 – Spotted Cat Ears

Location: Iglia Wastes.

This bird is located on a hill in the south-west of Iglia Wastes, check for the ladder icon on the map to find a wall you can climb up to reach it.

Owl #4 – Cat Tail

Location: Kyrd Garrison.

This owl is to the left of the Mosgul entrance. You can find a little side path with this owl at the end.

Owl #5 – Monocle

Location: Mosgul.

This owl resides at the south of Mosgul, sitting behind a wall of bricks.

Owl #6 – Dog Ears

Location: Trench of Flames – Castle Gates.

This owl is inside a house at the start of the Castle Gates area.

Owl #7 – Left Bandage

Location: Trench of Flames – Gates of Fire.

After exiting the Castle Gates and entering the Gates of Fire, check behind the mesh on the left side for a red owl.

Owl #8 – Rabbit Tail

Location: Glanymede Castle – 3F.

On the 3rd floor of Glanymede Castle, to the right of the elevator between some chickens.

Owl #9 – Frame Glasses

Location: Lacerda Cliffs.

Next to the campfire/merchant in Lacerda Cliffs, in front of Ulvhan Grotto entrance.


Owl #10 – Left Eyepatch

Location: White Silver Plains.

On the side of the bridge before the entrance to Messia 224.

Owl #11 – Wolf Ears

Location: Messia 224.

After entering Messia 224 from the White Silver Plains, take the path up the left and find this owl in a bucket on the ground behind the oxen cart.

Owl #12 – Wolf Tail

Location: Nevira Snowplains.

This birdie is in the middle of the big lake in the north of Nevira Snowplains, sitting on a rock.

Owl #13 – Sun Glasses

Location: Cysloden – Alley.

Right where the fast travel point is in Cysloden Alley, in the market area on a rock at the river.

Owl #14 – Devil Horns

Location: Riville Prison Tower – 2F.

This owl sits on a bookshelf in the south-east room of the 2nd floor of Riville Prison Tower.

Owl #15 – Half Frames

Location: Frozen Valley.

This owl is sitting on a tree before the bridge leading to Upper Level – Safar Sea Cave.


Owl #16 – Red Tropical Corsage

Location: Overseer Hill.

To the left of the fishing spot in the south of this region.

Owl #17 – Devil Wings

Location: Traslida Highway.

This owl sits in the field next to the horse stable.

Owl #18 – Giggle Glasses

Location: Tietal Plain.

The owl is at the south-east corner of Tietal Plain,  sitting on top of a stone arch.

Owl #19 – Halo

Location: Viscint.

This fella is sitting on a blue vase at a market stall in the middle of Viscint, just next to the fast travel point icon on the map.

Owl #20 – Crown

Location: Autelina Palace (1F) – Kitchen.

Inside the kitchen of the 1st Floor of Autelina Palace.

Owl #21 – Devil Tail

Location: Talka Pond Road.

After entering Talka Pond Road from Viscint, turn right and go to the edge of the map. The owl sits on top of the wall there, behind some trees and wild pigs.

Mahag Saar

Owl #22 – Red Rose Corsage

Location: Niez.

This owl is in the east of Niez, sitting in a bucket on some wooden planks.

Owl #23 – Retro Sunglasses

Location: Aqfotle Hills.

This green owl is sitting on a destroyed house, to the left after entering Aqfotle Hills from Niez.

Owl #24 – Angry Glasses

Location: Adan Lake.

Enter Adan Lake through the Aqfotle Hills area. Then go through the lake in the middle of the area and through the open gate uphill. The owl is located on top of a big stone gate, you must drop down to it from the highest plateau of the area.

Owl #25 – Angel Wings

Location: Adan Ruins.

After entering the Adan Ruins from Aqfotle Hills, drop down the right side after the first enemies. Then look to the right; the owl is just there.

Owl #26 – Butterfly Wings (VERY IMPORTANT & MISSABLE OWL)

Location: Mobile Fortress Gradia – Ship Interior Level 2.

This owl can easily be missed. If you do not find it during this part of the story, you cannot retrieve it at all post-game or afterwards, since the ship sinks after beating the 4th Lord. You may need to restart your playthrough if you miss it.

Keep playing the main story until you get on board a big ship. On this ship, you need to open some locked red energy barriers to progress onward.

Eventually, this takes you to “Ship Interior Level 2”, you go there automatically for story purposes. In one of the cabins (the second one from the top left on the map) is an owl.

Ganath Haros

Owl #27 – Right Eyepatch

Location: Tuah Seashore.

This owl is sitting in the distance near the exit that goes to Thistlym.

Owl #28 – Star Hair Clip

Location: Thistlym.

This owl is under a brazier at the left of the exit from Thistlym to Shinefall Woods.

Owl #29 – Right Bandage

Location: Shinefall Woods.

This owl sits on top of a big arch. You must go up the hill on the side of the arch, then you can walk over the arch to reach the owl.

Owl #30 – Swirly Glasses

Location: Lavtu Marshlands.

The owl is next to where the ladder icon is, in the south-west part of the region.

Owl #31 – Sad Glasses

Location: Pelegion – Level 2.

This bird is on Level 2 of Pelegion, next to the elevator that leads to Level 3, sitting on the wall.

Owl #32 – Hootle Doll

Location: Del Fharis Castle – Central Entrance Plaza 4F.

Head to Central Entrance Plaza 4th Floor of Del Fharis Castle, where one of the green glowing Health/CP refill fountains is (and also the elevator to Hanging Garden). The owl is sitting at the ceiling in the center of the area.

What About The Other 6 Owls? (via Powerpyx)

To make the remaining 6 owls appear, you need to:

  • Finish the story.
  • Find all 32 Owls.
  • Return to the Owl King in the Owl Forest. Talk to Hootle in Nevira Snowplains on Cyslodia to make him bring you there.

Owl #33

Location: Calaglia > Glanymede Castle > Lord’s Chamber
This owl is sitting on the throne of the Lord’s Chamber.

Owl #34

Location: Calaglia > Iglia Wastes

You can find this owl in Iglia Wastes on top of a mountain. Go to where the “Map Action” icon is on the map. Get Dohalim to grow leaves on the wall for you to climb up to where the owl is.

Owl #35

Location: Cyslodia > Riville Prison Tower > Hidden Chamber.

You can find this owl in the Hidden Chamber that’s accessed through the Office in Riville Hidden Tower. To open this wall you need the item “A Key to Hidden Chamber” which is obtained from doing Sub-Quests “Culling the Snowplain Herds” & “Survey Says…”, both started by talking to Bregon in Cysloden > Bregon’s Hideout.

During his second quest “Survey Says…” you will go to the Underground Prison with a gigante zeugle locked in a cage. After defeating it you get the key. Now at any time you can go to the Office and use the key on the wall to enter the Hidden Chamber with this Owl inside.

Owl #36

Location: Menancia > Autelina Palace (2F) > Guard Room.

This owl is found inside the Guard Room on the 2nd Floor of Autelina Palace.

Owl #37

Location: Other > Uninhabited Island.

To first get to this area you must play Sub-Quest “Beyond the Grave”. This quest starts in Location: Ganath Haros > Tuah Seashore.

This quest only becomes available after reaching the final story region “Rena”, meaning you must backtrack to it after making more story progress (can go back there through its neighbouring region Thislym). Upon entering the area, a dialogue will play automatically where you pick up a bottle with a map inside that’s been washed ashore.

Take this map to Mahag Saar > Hidden Warf and talk to the Mahavar there (marked by green dot on map, the guy in front of the big ship with exclamation point above his head). Then he offers a dialogue to go to “Uninhabited Island”. Go there, run uphill to the quest marker, defeat the boss monster to finish the quest. Then you can find the owl in the same place where you fought the boss monster.

Owl #38

Location: Ganath Haros > Del Fharis Castle > Lord’s Chamber
This owl is sitting on the throne of the Lord’s Chamber.

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