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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Is Getting A Sequel: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Darkest Dungeon II Makes Way to PlayStation Consoles this July: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Netflix Confirm The Witcher Series For Fifth & Final Season: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Tales Of Franchise Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata Has Passed Away

Mutsumi Inomata has passed away on 10 March 2024 at the age of 63 (via Twitter). She was best known for being the character designer for many mainline titles in the popular JRPG franchise, Tales Of. Inomata’s past works include: Tales Of Destiny Tales Of Eternia Tales of Destiny 2 Tales of Rebirth Tales of the Tempest Tales...

We Have This One JRPG Team To Thank For The Tales Of & Star Ocean Games

Star Ocean: The Second Story recently had a remake out courtesy of Gemdrop and Square Enix, since that's probably the only Star Ocean RPG worth re-releasing with a budget again. On the other end of the spectrum, Bandai Namco has released the next DLC for Tales of Arise, with the developers still going strong under the corporation. https://www.yo...

The Tales Of Arise DLC Beyond The Dawn Delivers What’s Expected, Like It Or Not

Platform(s): PlayStation 5 (version reviewed), PS4, PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One Genre: Expansion To Bandai Namco's JRPG Entry   Sequels and expansions to Tales Of entries are usually divided. while most are vilified and unnecessary like Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Tales of Xillia 2, some of them have merit like Tales of ...

Tales Of Symphonia Remastered Launches Next February

One of the best Tales Of JRPG is getting a remastering, and it's coming out in a few months' time. Tales Of Symphonia Remastered, originally for the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2004, is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 17 February. Nope, there's no PC release of the game as of now. The remastered version features grap...

Tales Of Luminaria Will Shut Down Mid-June, Less Than A Year After Its Release

Not every free-to-play mobile JRPG can be a Genshin Impact, or even a Dragalia Lost. Such is the case of Bandai Namco's latest cash grab using the Tales of name. Bandai Namco has announced the sudden closure of Tales of Luminaria, which came out on 3rd November of last year. The mobile game will stop service cease to exist on 19 July. The game w...

Tales Of Crestoria To Shut Down Next February

Another gacha game bites the dust. Bandai Namco's mobile Tales game, Tales of Crestoria, will end its service on 7th February 12pm GMT+8. The mobile turn-based RPG features fancy graphics, all the top heroes and heroines of the Tales of series, and some nifty turn-based combat and story. Unfortunately, the mobile gaming market is saturated and c...

This Tales Of Arise Character Is The Most Popular Tales Of Character Of 2021

Bandai Namco has recently publicized the results of its Tales of popularity poll for 2021. And the results are expected if you're into the new games. During the Tales of Festival 2021 event, the top ten characters are as follows, with Tales of Arise's Dohalim at the top (via Abyssal Chronicles). We're guessing it's because of his good looks, his...

Tales Of Luminaria Will Be Out This November

The next Tales Of game for mobile phones and devices will be out sooner than you think. After the onslaught of gameplay videos and soundtrack teasers, Bandai Namco has shared the launch dates of Tales of Luminaria for both Japan and English-speaking markets: 3rd November for the former and 4th November for the latter. https://twitter.com/to_l...

Tales Of Arise Ships & Sold Over One Million Copies

Tales of Arise is now the fastest-selling RPG in the Tales of franchise's history, according to Bandai Namco. The total worldwide shipments and digital sales for the most recent entry have surpassed one million units within less than a week after its release last Friday. The series' overall total shipments have reached 25 million units worldwide...

Tales of Arise Owl Guide: How To Find All The Birds

Tales of Arise's obligatory JRPG collectathon item comes in the form of the wise old owl. Or rather all 38 of them. Not only do you net achievements for finding a specific number of owls, as well as get some sweet cosmetics to dress your characters up, but you'll get a special artifact for finding all of them. While you're at it, don't forget to...

Tales of Arise Demo Is Out Now: Here’s How To Download It

If you're hankering for a new RPG demo like Scarlet Nexus, here's another one to check out. Bandai Namco just published the Tales of Arise demo, which is available on the following consoles: PS5: JP, NZ PS4: JP, NZ Xbox Series, One: NZ The demo takes place in the grasslands area of the game, and you have access to all six character...

Tales of Arise Collector’s Edition Announced

Bandai Namco announces the collector's edition of its upcoming JRPG Tales of Arise during its recent livestream. Anyway, the collector's edition contains the game, a pretty sweet casing with the game's emblem, the original soundtrack to the game, an artbook featuring the game's concept artwork and illustrations, Tales of Arise character stickers...

Scarlet Nexus Demo Launches For Xbox Series First, Then PS5 & PS4

Can't wait for sci-fi anime action RPG nonsense? Bandai Namco's have you covered. The company will be releasing a demo for its RPG Scarlet Nexus for Xbox Series X|S first on 21st May. PlayStation owners will get theirs on 28th May for both PS5 and PS4. The demo will feature the game's patented SAS system, which allows you to borrow your party...

The Next Tales Of Game Will Be Out This September

Fans of Bandai Namco's JRPG series, rejoice! Tales of Arise finally has a release date: 9th September, 2021. In addition, Famitsu (thanks, Kumikones!) has unveiled a ton of gameplay and combat in the next Tales of mothership title. Combat is real-time and action-packed like in past Tales of games, but there's a slight transition from overworld t...

Tales Of Arise Trailer Promises More News Coming This Spring

We last received an update from Bandai Namco about Tales Of Arise back in December 2020, where they reassured everyone that the game is still in development. As part of the Tales Of Festival in Japan this weekend, the company has unveiled a new one-minute-long teaser trailer, which confirms that more news will arrive sometime in spring 2021. The...

Don’t Worry, JRPG Fans: You’re Still Getting Tales of Arise In The Future

Thanks to the influx of Scarlet Nexus news popping up, JRPG fans are wondering if there will be any updates or development concerning the next Tales of game. Thankfully, it's on track. According to a recent Famitsu update (via Gematsu), Tales of Arise's development is currently in its final stages. Here's the breakdown of what's up according to ...

Tales of Crestoria Gets Intense Anime Prologue This October

Do you like to see a mobile RPG's first few story chapters animated in 15 minutes? Well, you'll like this piece of Tales of Crestoria news. Bandai Namco announced its plans to release a Tales of Crestoria 15-minute anime short called "The Wake of Sin". The short will be animated by Kamikaze Douga, the studio that worked on the anime trope-killer P...

New Tales Of Arise Trailer Introduces Its Two Protagonists

The next installment in Bandai Namco's long-running and popular JRPG franchise, Tales Of Arise, was officially announced during Microsoft's Xbox E3 2019 press conference last week, despite being leaked several days earlier. The company recently held its Tales Of Festival 2019 in Yokohama, Japan, on Saturday, 15 June 2019, where they revealed the J...

[Report] The Next Tales Game Is Tales of Arise

And the leaks keep on coming, courtesy of Bandai Namco's recent security flaw (via ResetEra). First, it was that George R.R. Martin/From Software collaboration, and now a new Tales of game slated for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The new title, called Tales of Arise, is set in the planets of Rena and Dahna, with the former pillaging the latter and essent...

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