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World of Warships is celebrating 2022 with a bunch of new Pan-Asian cruisers that are pretty good at wars and blowing stuff up.

The new TierV-X Pan-Asian cruisers can be used as rentals for Random Battles and Asymmetric Battles, or you can just buy them when they’re available. The six new ships are:

  • Malaysia’s first cruiser, the Tier VI Rahmat,
  • China’s Tier V Chungking,
  • China’s Tier X Jinan,
  • Tier VIII Harbin,
  • Tier IX Sejong,
  • Tier VII Chumphon.

Players can also earn Portal Tokens through social apps via weekly Twitch drops and regular Discord activities. They can exchange these tokens for new skins and unlock a mission marathon with the skins as a final reward.

Check out the overview below, which has a thumbnail of a brunette next to the new warships for broad appeal. The 0.11.0 update will be up from 19th January onward (that’s today).

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