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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ first-ever DLC is out and it’s called The Coiled Captors. It features a ton of landsharks and Coiled warriors to fight in different dungeon layouts and maps, as well as a boss to deal with.

The DLC also introduces a new Wheel of Fate gimmick (get souls, cash them out for random rewards at the Wheel), as well as the opportunity to repeatedly play through the Coiled Captors dungeon run. This guide will list down the new weapons and gear exclusive to this DLC, as well as tips on how to farm gear specific from this Coiled Captors DLC.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands How To Farm Coiled Captors Legendary Gear Easily

Here’s a great way to farm for Coiled Captors Legendary weapons and Souls for the Wheel of Fate.

All you have to do is kill the boss of the Coiled Captors DLC Chums the Old God, and then repeat the process by downing yourself. Here’s a step-by-step (via Joltzdude).

  • Before you start, equip a weapon or spell that has friendly fire, or at least have one in your backpack. A rocket launcher, any weapon or spell that creates ice puddles, fire puddles, etc.
  • Go through the Coiled Captors’ dungeon via the mirror at the Dreamveil Overlook stage.
  • Play through the stage until you reach the boss room, just before you drop down the pit where Chums reside.
  • Jump down the pit and fight Chums. If you’ve been playing the game and doing fine with Chaos Level 20, you should have no problems handling Chums.
  • Once he’s dead, do not exit the level. Instead, use your friendly fire weapon to kill yourself. 
  • You will respawn at the same spot just before the boss pit. Head down to the pit. Chums will respawn. Kill him again.
  • Repeat until you get the Legendary loot(s) you want. This cuts down precious dungeon running time. You may have to restart the run if you run out of bullets.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Coiled Captors Legendary Weapons & Gear List

Note: the DLC introduces a new combat status effect: Soaked. Basically any target that gets Soaked will receive more damage from Lightning and Frost, but less damage from Fire. The new Legendary weapons here can apply the Soaked effect.

All the gear listed below are exclusive to this DLC. Having said that, some of them are World Drops.


Gear Type: Rocket Launcher


  • You’re gonna need a bigger umbrella. Fires Water Missiles that applies Soaked to targets for a duration. Soaked enemeis take more damage from Lightning and Frost, but take less damage from Fire.
  • +156 Area Damage Radius.
  • +40% FIre Rate

How To Get: World drop, Chums (Coiled Captors boss), Chaos Chamber, Wheel of Fate spin.

Slip n’ Stun

Gear Type: Amulet


  • Shocked it to ya. Slide Speed increases by 50% and sliding leaves behind a Lightning Trail. After Sliding, the next Melee Attack deal 30% bonus Lightning Damage.
  • +25% Status Effect damage.
  • +32% Gun Handling.

How To Get: World drop, Chums (Coiled Captors boss), Wheel of Fate spin.


Gear Type: Spell. Casts around owner.


  • Drenched and doused. Fires a wave that knocks back targets and applies Soaked to the targets for a duration. Soaked targets take 150% damage from Lightning and Frost, but less damage from Fire.
  • +32% Spell Damage.
  • 2 Spell Charges.
  • Frost damage. Slows Enemies.

Lethal Catch

Gear Type: Ring


  • WANTED: Dead not alive. On killing an enemy, this ring’s buffs and effectiveness is increased 25% for 8 seconds. If the killed enemy was a Land Shark or Crab, it is increased 100% instead.
  • Buffs are various, ranging from weapon critical damage buffs to gun buffs.

How To Get: Chums, World Drop, Chaos Chamber, Wheel of Fate

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