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Overwatch 2 Battle Pass & Seasons Roadmap Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment has released new details and gameplay for Overwatch 2, the upcoming free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter sequel to 2016’s Overwatch. They also revealed the game’s Battle Pass and content roadmap following its Early Access launch, showcasing new playable hero Junker Queen, and beta sign-ups are also now available via the official website.

Overwatch 2 Roadmap

October 4 – Season 1

  • 3 new heroes: Sojourn, Junker Queen, and a yet to be revealed Support Hero
  • 6 new maps: Toronto, New York, Rome, Monte Carlo, Portugal and Rio
  • New mode: Push
  • 30+ new skins
  • New Mythic skin

December 6 – Season 2

  • New Tank hero
  • New map
  • 30+ new skins
  • New Mythic skin
  • New Battle Pass

2023 and Beyond

  • New heroes
  • New maps
  • New modes
  • 100+ new skins
  • PvE begins

Seasons full of new content

Overwatch will continue to evolve and expand with regular seasonal content rolling out every nine weeks. And, beginning in 2023, the developer will be delving more into the world of Overwatch and the heroes that inhabit it with new narrative experiences and PvE gameplay updates.

With the new Battle Pass system, you’ll be able to unlock themed cosmetic items and complete weekly challenges for unique rewards. Instead of relying on Loot Box luck, you’ll be able to choose how you want to invest and progress toward new content throughout each season.

With cross-progression enabled, all of your unlocks, progression, and accolades will seamlessly transfer over to whatever device you’re actively gaming on.

Overwatch 2 will be a true globetrotting experience. Toronto, New York, Rome, and Monte Carlo will arrive in game on 4 October 2022, along with two brand new maps.

Fight on the streets of Rio, the iconic Brazilian city and home base for everyone’s favorite DJ Lucio. And travel to Portugal, a new Push map that transports players to another vibrant and inspired environment to experience the new game mode. Overwatch 2 will be rolling out more maps on a regular basis so there will always be somewhere new to battle.

Along with aesthetic updates, Overwatch 2 will also launch with a reworked competitive play.

A reimagined scoreboard system will provide players with more detailed information throughout the matches as well as an after action report once a match concludes. Skill ratings will no longer immediately update after every game but rather wait until seven wins to assess and update. And instead of a numeric skill rating, each skill tier will contain five sub tiers ranked from highest to lowest.

Overwatch 2 Beta

Starting 28 June 2022, the Overwatch 2 Beta begins.

Power up your railgun and disrupt the battlefield as Sojourn, or wield your axe and solidify your reign as Junker Queen. Battle to propel your robot into the enemy base in the new Push Mode. Make global destinations like New York, Rome, Monte Carlo, and Rio your battlefield with new maps.

Get a head start with the Watchpoint Pack

You can get also a head start with the Watchpoint Pack on Day 1. With purchase of the pack, you’ll get access to exclusive content such as Legendary Hero skins and Overwatch 2 player icon, as well as immediate access to the Overwatch 2 Beta launching on 28 June 2022.

Let’s get you back in the fight. You can purchase the Watchpoint Pack available at PlayStation Store today and take a look at what the pack has to offer below:

Arrive in Style with two (2) Overwatch 2 Legendary Hero Skins

Kick-start your Overwatch 2 collection with a set of two (2) new Legendary Hero skins–Space Raider Soldier 76 and Space Raider Cassidy.

Premium Battle Pass for Season 1

Overwatch 2 will operate as a live game service that brings more new maps, features, and modes to the fight in a seasonal format. Hit the ground running with the Premium Battle Pass for Season 1, which will launch alongside Overwatch 2 Early Access on October 4.

Gear up with 2000 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency

Overwatch 2 will have a new in-game shop experience centered around player choice. With the Watchpoint Pack, receive 2,000 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency to level up on your Battle Pass or gear up with new cosmetics for your favorite heroes.

Pre-purchase Exclusive: Overwatch 2 Player Icon

Purchase the Watchpoint Pack before October 4 and receive an exclusive Overwatch 2 Player Icon to use at launch.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition Included

Get started on Overwatch now with Overwatch: Legendary Edition. Customize the appearance of fan favorite Overwatch Heroes with five (5) Epic and five (5) Legendary skins included in the Watchpoint Pack.

In the meantime, check out the videos below:


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