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Thaiger Uppercut 2022 Results [Update]

Thailand recently hosted its annual fighting game tournament major in the form of Thaiger Uppercut 2022, which took place at Bangkok.

The premiere fighting game tournament is one of the majors under the Tekken World Tour 2022 circuit. It also features a huge number of top players from around the world like K-Brad, Ulsan, Infiltration, and Knee, not to mention Thailand’s finest like Book and MindRPG

Check out the results of each fighting game in the tournament below. This post will be updated with the latest results; the tournament is still ongoing at this point of writing.

Guilty Gear Strive

1. Infiltration (Zato-1)
2. K-Brad (Millia)
3. Zalphx (Axl)
4. WDP|BALLxZA (I-No, Zato-1)
5. Zeidge (Nagoriyuki)
5. Gyanbu (Nagoriyuki)
7. Starz (Ky)
7. Talon|Book (Sol)


Dragon Ball Fighter Z

1. MDNM|UchihaFZ (SS4 Gogeta, Vegito, Janemba)
2.Xanxus (Ultra Instinct Goku, Vegito, Broly)
3.FGO (Blue Gogeta, Vegito, Lab Coat 21)
4.Ezstealx (Super Baby 2, Goku Black, Janemba | Vegito, SS4 Gogeta, Lab Coat 21)
5.WDP|D4Z (Fused Zamasu, Cell, Cooler)
5.WDP|AxeWooD (Beerus, Jiren, Super Baby 2)
7.Doraemonfanboyya (Jiren, Nappa, Frieza)
7.WDP|BALLxZA (Lab Coat 21, SS4 Gogeta, Android 16)


Street Fighter 5

1.UYU|Oil King (Seth)
2.TGU|MindRPG (Dictator)
3.b3lLz (Laura)
4.Talon|Book (Ken)
5.Solemn Swift (Laura)
5.God-Guan Du (Poison, Falke)
7.Jinkouyuki (Urien)
7.Thai|TotoKosit (Nash)


Tekken 7

1.Dawood Sikandar (Alisa)
2.DRX|Knee (Feng, Steve, Paul)
3.Talon|Book (Jin)
4.KDF|Ulsan (Kazumi, Bob)
5.MSC|Uncle Ben (Shaheen)
5.ShinAkuma (Akuma)
7. Juiestorm (Nina)
7.Lan (Julia)


DNF Duel

1. Infiltration (Ranger)
2.Just a Scrub (Berserker)
3.Zeidge (Crusader)
4.TGU|MindRPG (Crusader)
5.Tetsuga-Ar (Swift Master)
5.HiFightTH (Crusader)
7.Chanee92 (Hitman)
7.Gyanbu (Swift Master)

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