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An All Filipino Finals At M4

The M4 World Championship Grand Final will feature ECHO and Blacklist International, both from the Philippines. ECHO and Blacklist secured their spot by defeating all their opponents throughout the tournament. The Philippines has dominated the M Series for the last three seasons, with Bren Esports winning M2, Blacklist and ONIC Philippines reaching the Grand Final in M3, and now Blacklist and ECHO in M4. ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi, the two Indonesian teams, were eliminated in the Lower Bracket Semifinal and Final respectively. The Grand Final between ECHO and Blacklist will be a rematch of the Upper Bracket Final, where ECHO fell to Blacklist.


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RRQ Hoshi vs. ONIC Esports

The M4 World Championship final match between ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi, known as the Royal Derby, was a closely contested battle between two talented Indonesian teams. Despite ONIC Esports’ use of a variety of unique heroes, RRQ Hoshi emerged victorious, securing a spot in the Lower Bracket Final and eliminating ONIC Esports who placed 4th and took home a prize of $55,000.

Game 1

In the opening match of The Royal Derby, RRQ Hoshi secured their mainstay heroes and ONIC Esports tried to counter it with their own selection. ONIC Esports had an advantage in the early game, but RRQ Hoshi turned things around in the mid-game and dominated the tempo with the help of Skylar’s Beatrix who recorded 17 kills and was named MVP. ONIC Esports was unable to withstand RRQ Hoshi’s attack and they ultimately lost the match.

Game 2

RRQ Hoshi dominated the second match with their Hyper Tank meta and effective buff control. They secured all objectives and two Lords without interference, and easily defeated ONIC Esports in the 14th minute to take the 2-0 lead in the series.

Game 3

ONIC Esports changed their strategy in the third match, opting for Yu Zhong, Yve, Chou, Akai, and Melisa while RRQ Hoshi stuck with Grock, Karrie, Kaja, Faramis, and Martis. ONIC Esports put pressure on RRQ Hoshi and matched their pattern of play, with Akai becoming a bully and getting the third turtle. Despite a draw in many battles, RRQ Hoshi’s coordination between VYN and Skylar led to a Goldlaner’s fall and an advantage for RRQ Hoshi.


ECHO vs. RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi and ECHO met again in the Lower Bracket Final of the M4 World Championship, as both teams aimed to face Blacklist International in the Grand Final. The competitive spirit was high as RRQ Hoshi, who had been vying for the title for a long time, gave it their all. However, despite their efforts, RRQ Hoshi ultimately lost 3-1 to ECHO and had to settle for third place in the tournament, taking home a prize pool of US$80,000.

Game 1

The Lower Bracket Final featured a rematch between ECHO and RRQ Hoshi, who had previously faced off in the Group Stage of the M4 World Championship. ECHO, who had already defeated RRQ Hoshi once before, repeated their success in the first game of the series, securing the first point and taking the lead in the series.

Game 2

RRQ Hoshi, fueled by the support of their home crowd, made a comeback in the second game of the series. They improved their performance and were able to level the score against ECHO.

Game 3

In the third match of the Lower Bracket Final, RRQ Hoshi came out strong, capturing all the turtles and maintaining a gold lead in the early game. However, their success was short-lived as ECHO secured the second Lord, giving them the upper hand and ultimately leading to a win for the Filipino team. With this victory, ECHO is one step closer to the Grand Finals, and only one more win is needed to secure their spot.

Game 4

In an intense final match of the series, RRQ Hoshi put up a strong defence, but ultimately fell to ECHO with a final blow from Bennyqt. This resulted in RRQ Hoshi facing Blacklist International in a rematch for the championship title.

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