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[Updated] MLBB: M5 World Championship – Teams, Schedule, & Results

The upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M5 World Championship is set to be held in the Philippines this year, making it the inaugural M-series event hosted in the country. The championship brings about significant alterations, such as a new tournament format, involvement from both new and returning regions and the addition of M5 Wild Card qualifiers...

M5 World Championship – Day 12: A Yellow-Painted M5 World Championship Finale

On Day 6 of the M5 World Championship Knockouts, sweeping statements were made, setting the stage for a Manila-dominated Grand Finals painted in yellow! Today's clash between AP.Bren and ONIC Esports promises an explosion of yellow, marking the return of an Indonesian team to an M-Series title series after four years, the last being RRQ Hoshi at M1...

M5 World Championship – Day 11: Championship Reaches Climax in Lower Bracket Battles

Blacklist International advanced in the lower bracket, overcoming a 3-1 deficit against Geek Fam. Despite Geek Fam dominating the first game with a 15-minute victory and an 11k gold advantage, Blacklist International rallied in the next three games. Renejay "Renejay" Barcase, earning MVP honours, showcased proficiency in healing-type heroes, a ...

Kotex Elimin8tors Forge Path To Excellence: Empowering Women In Esports With MPL Ambitions

The Kotex Elimin8tors esports team, comprised of Nurul Effa Fauzana Fauzi "Fafau," Siti Sarah Mahadzir, Intan Syafinaz Che Halim, Afrina Balqis Ibdhi Har Ali, and Nurul Ain Salshabilla Nasharudin, is set to make an impact in Malaysia's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MLBB Professional League (MPL). Through the "Kotex She Can" program, the team sec...

M5 World Championship – Day 10: Top 3 Teams Confirmed

In the Knockout Stages' fourth day at the M5 World Championship, both ONIC Esports and AP.Bren secured spots on the podium by defeating their opponents convincingly. The champions from Indonesia and the Philippines will face off on 16 December for a chance to advance to the Grand Finals. ONIC Esports dominated Deus Vult with a 3-0 victory in Mat...

M5 World Championship – Day 9: The Battlefield Narrows

On the third day of the Knockout Stages, Blacklist International and See You Soon progressed to the Lower Bracket Quarter Finals, eliminating Fire Flux Esports and Burmese Ghouls, respectively. Blacklist International secured a 3-1 victory against Fire Flux Esports, seeking redemption for their prior loss in the Group Stages. Despite a setba...

M5 World Championship – Day 8: Identical Results To Day 7

Day 2 of the Knockouts in the M5 World Championship mirrored the outcomes of Day 1, as the favoured teams managed to advance despite facing tough opposition. The pattern of a 3-1 series win on Day 1 was replicated on Day 2, followed by an intense 3-2 match where all four teams were determined to secure their progress. AP.Bren extended their winn...

M5 World Championship – Day 7: Knockout Stage Begins

The M5 World Champions have entered the Knockout Stages, and the action kicked off with two exciting matches. The second match set a new viewership record for the M5 World Championship, reaching a peak of 2.2 million concurrent viewers. In the first match, Deus Vult secured the highest-ever placement for the Eastern Europe region in an M-Ser...

M5 World Championship – Day 6: Upsets Galore

The M5 World Championship Group Stages concluded with significant surprises on the final day! The last day saw major upsets as AP.Bren, Blacklist International, Burmese Ghouls, Deus Vult, Fire Flux Esports, Geek Fam, ONIC Esports, and See You Soon emerged as the teams advancing to the M5 World Championship Knockouts. Triple Esports starte...

M5 World Championship – Day 5: Heartbreaking Eliminations & Emerging Favorites

After Day 5 of the M5 World Championship, only three slots remain. AP.Bren and Fire Flux Esports secured spots in the Knockouts, while Team Flash and RRQ Akira were eliminated. Team SMG achieved their first win in the Philippines by defeating RRQ Akira 2-1, redeeming themselves. Despite a spirited fightback from RRQ Akira in Game 2, Team SMG fou...

M5 World Championship – Day 4: Journey’s End

Day 4 of the M5 World Championship witnessed significant developments, with three teams successfully advancing to the Knockout Stages and four others being eliminated from the competition. Blacklist International, ONIC Esports, and See You Soon secured Top-2 positions in their respective groups, ensuring their progression. On the flip side, Bigetro...

M5 World Championship – Day 3: Dominance, Reverse Sweeps & Thrilling Victories

After Day 3 of the M5 World Championship, See You Soon continued their winning streak by sweeping Triple Esports. Despite the MENA representatives securing two turtles in the first game, the aggressive play of the Cambodian champions allowed them to control the match. The second game followed a similar pattern, with See You Soon winning in the firs...

M5 World Championship – Day 2: Teams Rise & Fall In Group Standings

The M5 World Championship's Group Stage standings are becoming clearer as Day 2 unfolds. Deus Vult kicked off their M5 World Championship journey with a hard-fought 2-1 victory over TheOhioBrothers. Although Deus Vult claimed the first game, they conceded the second to their North American rivals. The decisive Game 3 saw both teams evenly matche...

M5 World Championship – Day 1: Surpassing 1 Million Viewers During Opening Day

The M5 World Championship achieved a viewership milestone by surpassing one million viewers on its opening day, which was filled with unexpected twists. The tournament began with the favoured team AP.Bren dominating Burmese Ghouls, showcasing a more significant gap between the teams compared to their previous encounter at the M2 World Championsh...

Malaysian Mobile Legends Teams Embark On Global Stage After Historic Parliament Send-Off

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), in collaboration with Esports Integrated (ESI) and MOONTON Games, organized a joint press conference today at Dewan Serbaguna Parlimen to mark the conclusion of the M5 Wild Card in Malaysia. The event served as a send-off for the professional national athletes who will be competing at the M5 World Champion...

M5 Wild Card: Day 4 – Team SMG & Team Lilgun Qualify For M5

Team SMG and Team Lilgun have secured spots in the M5 World Championship. The M5 Wild Card, held in Kuala Lumpur for the first time, featured eight international teams competing for the last two slots in the M5 World Championship. This new format provided emerging regions with an opportunity to advance to the Group Stage in the Philippines. ...

M5 Wild Card: Day 3 – The Last Four Standing

After the third day of the M5 Wild Card, only four teams remain. In the first match, Umbrella Squad defeated KeepBest Gaming 2-0 by quickly outplaying their close-range, combination-heavy strategy in the first game, finishing in under ten minutes. In the second game, Umbrella Squad continued their pressure to secure their first win in Malaysia. ...

M5 Wild Card: Day 2 – Comebacks & Reverse Sweeps Galore

The conclusion of Day 2 at the M5 Wild Card featured remarkable comebacks known as reverse sweeps by Team Lilgun and Niightmare Esports in their respective matches. In Match 5, Team Lilgun faced Imperio, who had both secured victories on the opening day. Imperio initially took the lead with a crucial wipeout in the fifteenth minute, winning the ...

MLBB M5 Wild Card: Day 1 – Triumphs, Surprises & BEBEX’s Brilliance

M5 Wild Card made history on Day 1 with an impressive display of strength, charm, and determination. The inaugural event featured eight international teams, and Malaysia's Team SMG lived up to their fan-favourite status by securing a win against Niightmare Esports in a thrilling first match. Despite a strong start by Team SMG, Niightmare Esports...

Mobile Legends’ M5 Wild Card Tournament Starts This Week

The M5 World Championship Wild Card is set to kick off this week, hosted by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Esports. This inaugural event will take place at the JioSpace arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 23–26 November. Eight international teams will compete in the M5 Wild Card for a chance to qualify for the M5 World Championship Group S...

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