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Blacklist International Are The First M4 Finalists

In the M4 World Championship of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Knockout Stage is down to its final six teams: Blacklist International, ECHO, ONIC Esports, RRQ Hoshi, Falcon Esports, and The Valley. RRQ Akira was eliminated on Day 6, and all matches ended with a 3-1 score. The Valley defeated RRQ Akira in the opening match of the Lower Bracket, while ECHO defeated ONIC Esports. ECHO will now face Blacklist International, and ONIC Esports will take on The Valley.


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RRQ Hoshi vs. Falcon Esports

The match between RRQ Hoshi and Falcon Esports was highly intense, as both teams were determined to advance in the upper bracket M4 Playoffs. RRQ Hoshi took an early lead, but a mistake allowed Falcon Esports to turn the tide and even the score at 2-2, increasing the tension on the M4 World Championship stage. However, by using a counter strategy and respecting the ban on Naomi’s Franco, RRQ Hoshi ultimately emerged victorious and secured a spot in the next round of the Mobile Legends World Championship: Bang Bang.

Game 1

The opening match of the seventh day of the M4 Knockout Stage featured a fierce battle between RRQ Hoshi and Falcon Esports in the first qualifying phase of the Lower Bracket. Both teams were highly aggressive, as they knew that this was their last chance to stay alive in the M4 World Championship this season. RRQ Hoshi chose Joy for R7, Lunox for Clayyy, Grock for VYN, Martis for Alberttt, and Melisa for Skylar while Falcon Esports countered with Fredrinn for Kenn, Gloo for yellowflash, Valentina for JustiN, Clint for Zippx, and Naomi with his flagship hero, Franco. The early game was even, but in the 11th minute, RRQ Hoshi secured the first Lord but lost four players. Despite this setback, RRQ Hoshi secured the second Lord, defeated Falcon Esports players one by one and won the match in the 20th minute by cutting minions to the opponent’s main base.

Game 2

RRQ Hoshi’s victory in the first match had them even more determined to win. Their lead put pressure on Falcon Esports in the second match. RRQ Hoshi chose Lunox, Fredrinn, Gloo, Beatrix, and Grock while Falcon Esports selected Kaja, Granger, Harith, Martis, and Lylia.

In the early game, Falcon Esports again got the first blood against VYN, but at the same time, Alberttt managed to secure the first turtle, giving RRQ Hoshi a good start. They were able to dominate the match and wipe out all objectives in the Land of Dawn, not giving Falcon Esports a chance to do the same. RRQ Hoshi constantly launched attacks on the opponent, but even though they were close to ending the game in the 15th minute, JustiN’s Lylia was able to clear a wave and push back RRQ Hoshi’s players. Eventually, a successful zoning out by R7 allowed them to easily secure the Lord without interference from Falcon Esports, and RRQ Hoshi regained the lead in the 18th minute, making the score 2-0.

Game 3

The third match was crucial for RRQ Hoshi as a victory would secure them a spot in the next round. They chose Khufra for VYN, Lunox for Clayyy, Fredrinn for Alberttt, Joy for R7, and Claude for Skylar while Falcon Esports used Gloo for yellowflash, Valentina for JustiN, Franco for Naomi, Beatrix for Zippx, and Martis for Kenn.

The early game was a good start for RRQ Hoshi, as they succeeded in getting the first turtle and three kill points, which gave them an advantage. However, things took a turn for the worse when Kenn’s retribution was on point during a battle for Lord between the teams, forcing RRQ Hoshi to ease their attacks. Not long after, Alberttt, the pillar of RRQ Hoshi, was overthrown.

The climax occurred when Falcon Esports successfully wiped out RRQ Hoshi’s players and made a split push through the middle lane, not giving RRQ Hoshi time to defend. As a result, RRQ Hoshi had to give up their third point to Falcon Esports, forcing both teams to move on to the fourth match.

Game 4

The defeat in the previous match forced RRQ Hoshi to rethink their strategy to counter Falcon Esports’ attacks, especially since they had appeared to dominate in the third match. RRQ Hoshi returned to prioritizing the hero Lunox for Clayyy, while the other four players used Joy for R7, Claude for Skylar, Fredrinn for Alberttt, and Khufra for VYN. On the other hand, Falcon Esports again relied on Naomi’s Franco to initiate their attacks, while the other four players used Valentina for JustiN, Gloo for yellowflash, Beatrix for Zippx, and Martis for Kenn.

This time it was Falcon Esports who dominated the match, even though Clayyy managed to secure both turtle and first blood, Falcon Esports played more objectively. They attempted to close the match with the help of the Lord several times, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Eventually, the third Lord was secured by Falcon Esports, causing RRQ Hoshi to be unable to defend. Despite Skylar and his hero Claude’s best efforts to clear waves, Falcon Esports was able to destroy their main base, resulting in a tied score of 2-2.

Game 5

The draw score in the previous match made the fifth game the final chance for both teams to prove who deserves to advance to the semifinals of the Lower Bracket M4 World Championship. In this decisive match, RRQ Hoshi secured priority heroes while Falcon Esports had Lunox in the hands of Zippx, Kaja, Valentina, Uranus, and Granger. In contrast, RRQ Hoshi tried to counter with Gloo, Beatrix, Lolita, Fredrinn, and Pharsa and changed their strategy to counter Naomi’s Franco.

Playing aggressively from the start of the match, RRQ Hoshi’s Alberttt managed to get the first blood and the opponent’s Purple Buff. They dominated the match by securing several other objectives such as turrets and Lords. The sweet combo of Clayyy’s Pharsa and Skylar’s Beatrix was able to lock the movement of Kenn the Jungler of Falcon Esports, allowing RRQ Hoshi to secure the second Lord without contest. Thanks to this and a disciplined game, RRQ Hoshi was able to secure the victory in the decisive match and advance to the Lower Bracket semifinals after beating Falcon Esports with a score of 3-2.


ONIC Esports vs. The Valley

The key to ONIC Esports‘ victory against The Valley was their use of the Lunox. Both teams had a difficult journey to reach this point, with The Valley starting from the Lower Bracket after placing third in the Group Stage, while ONIC Esports had the opportunity to experience the Upper Bracket, having placed second in the Group Stage. However, in the Quarter Finals of the Lower Bracket, these two teams faced each other.

The Valley started off strong, even managing to get an early lead. However, ONIC Esports managed to turn things around and swept the match, securing three wins in a row. Unfortunately, this resulted in The Valley being eliminated from the M4 World Championship, taking home a prize pool of US$40,000.

Game 1

In the first match, ONIC Esports chose Benedetta for Butsss, Moskov for CW, Karina for Kairi, Yve for SANZ, and Grock for Kiboy, while The Valley tried to counteract with Gloo for FwydChickn, Karrie for Basic, Barats for MobaZane, Khufra for SUPERSHARK, and Valentina for Hoon. The Valley picked three aggressive heroes in their team composition, as they believed they could counter ONIC Esports’ Karina and Benedetta with Barats, Khufra, and Gloo.

The Valley started off strong but as the match progressed, ONIC Esports managed to take control of the tempo of the game. The Valley fought back by destroying ONIC Esports’ turrets one by one. The battle was intense until The Valley succeeded in suppressing ONIC Esports’ line of defence after securing the fourth Lord, forcing ONIC Esports to give up their first point with a score of 1-0.

Game 2

The second match was a turning point for ONIC Esports. Similar to the first match, ONIC Esports secured Grock, Moskov, Karina, Yve and Chou, while The Valley set Gloo, Karrie, Barats, Khufra and Lylia.

The second game was more intense, with ONIC Esports again leading the tempo of the game in the early game, but this time, Moskov “CW” appeared more flexible than in the previous match, limiting The Valley’s movement. As the match progressed, the battle became fierce again, until the climax occurred during the battle before the fourth Lord where ONIC Esports managed to take down MobaZane.

This made ONIC Esports confident in executing Lord. However, The Valley fought back by taking out ONIC Esports’ heroes one by one which caused chaos for ONIC Esports. But due to excellent macro play by CW, ONIC Esports was able to perform a backdoor and secure victory. This allowed them to tie the score at 1-1.

Game 3

The victory in the previous match made ONIC Esports even more motivated to secure another win in the third match. ONIC Esports’ lineup for this match included Gloo, Beatrix, Ling, Faramis, and Chou. The Valley, on the other hand, tried to counter this with a team composition of three tanks; Grock, Karrie, Barats, Lolita, and Lylia.

ONIC Esports played aggressively in this match and often won team fights against The Valley. They were able to defeat four of The Valley’s players and pushed through their defence line. The Valley was unable to withstand the pressure and ultimately lost to the strength of ONIC Esports.

Game 4

The fourth match was crucial for ONIC Esports as they were one step away from advancing to the Lower Bracket M4 Knockout Stage Semifinals. In selecting heroes, ONIC Esports was more strategic. They secured Grock, Karrie, Lunox, Faramis, and Lolita. The choice of Lunox was a surprising pick as it is considered to be able to counter Martis, the hero chosen by The Valley’s MobaZane.

The Valley responded with Gloo, Wan Wan, Martis, Paquito, and Valentina. The game was intense until the 17th minute when there was a team fight. ONIC Esports’ disciplined gameplay resulted in the defeat of four of The Valley’s players. Seeing this opportunity, the Yellow Hedgehog team immediately focused on destroying the opponent’s main base, leaving only FwydChickn as the remaining player. As a result, ONIC Esports was able to win the match easily.

This victory also led ONIC Esports to face RRQ Hoshi in the Lower Bracket Semifinals which will be held on 14 January, at 3:00 PM (UTC+8). Meanwhile, The Valley had to be eliminated and ranked 4-5 in the M4 World Championship, taking


Blacklist International vs. ECHO

Blacklist International has secured a spot in the Grand Final of the M4 World Championship and became the first team to make it to that stage for two consecutive seasons. They were able to defeat ECHO in a dramatic match, with KarlTzy and his teammates appearing dominant throughout the season. Despite both teams chasing each other, Blacklist International returned to their flagship meta and was able to defeat ECHO’s defence. The meta healer from OhMyV33NUS was still effective in securing important points in crucial matches. As a result, ECHO will continue its journey in the M4 World Championship through the Lower Bracket and will face one of the winners between ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi.

Game 1

Game 1 saw the complete and utter annihilation of Blacklist International across the board. ECHO had map control for most of the game which lead them to lead in objectives. By the 10th minute, ECHO had already accumulated a 10k gold lead. Before we knew it, in just under 14 minutes, ECHO were 1–0 up in the series.

Game 2

In the second game, the previous champions made a comeback, managing to defeat the Orcas twice before the end of the game, which resulted in the series being tied. OhMyV33Nus, who was named the MVP, had a perfect kill participation, showing that they were a dominant force in the game.

Game 3

In the third match, ECHO dominated from the start, quickly securing seven kills before Blacklist International could get their first. The Orcas put on a strong showing, ultimately defeating the reigning champions of the MPL Philippines and progressing in the series.

Game 4

Hadji turned in a flawless performance of 8 kills and 9 assists against 0 deaths on Valentina in their Game 4 win that knotted the score at 2-2, while Edward put up 3 kills and 8 assists against 0 deaths on Gloo in the decider.

Game 5

In the fourth match of the series, Blacklist International showed their strength as champions by securing a victory and pushing the series to a final fifth match. Despite facing strong competition from ECHO, Blacklist dominated in kills, gold and objectives to secure the win and send ECHO to the lower bracket. The knockout stage continues with the lower bracket semifinals and finals, which will be a best-of-five match series to decide who will face Blacklist International in the Grand Finals on Sunday.

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