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Celebrating The Best Of 90s PC Gaming Sound Blaster Ad Lib Soundtracks

On 4 January 2023, Creative Technology founder Sim Wong Hoo passed away. He was 67.

Sim founded the Singapore-based tech company in 1981 and has spearheaded the company since the beginning. For those who don’t know, Creative Technology is well-known for its Sound Blaster sound cards, wireless speakers, headphones, and even fancy soundbars. But every 90s PC gamer will remember the game-changing Sound Blaster since it was the most popular sound card to buy for desktops back in the day.

Gamers in that period who had 386s and 486s were definitely blessed with the best and catchiest music to come out from these revolutionary sound cards. Check out our full SoundScape tribute to Sound Blaster Ad Lib PC gaming music. It’s quite a nostalgia trip!

If you want more, well, here are a few other OSTs that weren’t in the video.

Dune 2: The Battle For Arrakis had quite an RTS-style OST from Frank Klepacki, making the most out of it before CD music technology became the standard in PC gaming.

Before EA killed off this company, Origin was always pushing the limit in PC gaming, creating spectacular powerhouse games like the Ultima and Ultima Underworld games, as well as the Wing Commander series of first-person space shooters. The latter came with DOS-flavoured soundtracks that featured some chillax tracks pre-flight.

Speaking of which, the Ultima Underworld soundtracks revel in being a fantasy medley of music that feels “simple”, but rather evokes that sense of adventure and dungeon-crawling that’s expected of the heroic Avatar. Good stuff!

Prince of Persia’s intro theme from Francis Mechner had that Arabian Nights’ mystical feel to it.

The Indiana Jones adventure game, Fate of Atlantis, featured a majestic soundtrack with that pulp action adventure tinge to them.

What are your favourite 90s PC gaming Sound Blaster Ad Lib soundtracks? Let us know!

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