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ECHO & RRQ Akira Conqueror Groups C & D At M4

With the conclusion of the final day of the Group Stage of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s M4 World Championship, the Philippines’ ECHO and Brazil’s RRQ Akira can hold their heads high as their top their respective groups. Unlike yesterday, there were unfortunately no tiebreakers to stretch out the final day.

RRQ Akira vs. S11 Gaming

To start off the final day of the group stage, we were met with a match-up between two South American teams in RRQ Akira from Brazil and S11 Gaming from Argentina.

S11 came out of the gates swinging with them taking first blood and the first tower all within the first three minutes of the game. From there the Argentines managed to snowball their lead into what would become an extremely steep uphill battle of RRQ Akira. S11 displayed a Mobile Legends masterclass as they would go on to dominate in both the kills department and also Turtle priority, finishing the game in 15 minutes. S11’s Martias “Kaii” Roldan was awarded MVP for his Gold Lane performance on Irithel.

Occupy Thrones vs. ECHO

The next match-up was between the sole representatives of the Middle East and North Africa in Occupy Thrones and the Philippines’ ECHO.

Despite being from what is widely considered the weakest region right now, Occupy Thrones had managed to hold their own statistically in their previous two games. Although the record doesn’t really show, both of their games were extremely close. This game against ECHO would prove otherwise as they were completely eclipsed by ECHO in every way imaginable. To add insult to injury, ECHO demolished Occupy Thrones in only 11 minutes and 16 seconds, making this match the fastest game of the tournament. In light of this victory, ECHO’s EXP Laner, Sanford “Sanford” Vinuya was awarded MVP.

S11 Gaming vs. Team HAQ

Coming hot off their win against RRQ Akira, it was blatant that S11 Gaming were confident going into their next match versus Malaysia’s Team HAQ. Unfortunately for the Argentines, that confidence would quickly dwindle as Team HAQ would display why they are the Malaysian Champions.

Team HAQ drafted an extremely high mobility composition that allowed them to punish S11 Gaming’s positioning in the early game which Team HAQ managed to convert into a gradual lead. From there, momentum snowballed and before we knew it the game was already over with S11 not even managing to take down a single tower. Team HAQ’s Chun Wai “Panda” Poh dominated the Gold Lane and for that, he was awarded Match MVP.

ECHO vs. RSG Singapore

The fourth match of the day was between a hot ECHO and RSG Singapore who were hungry to extend their record to 2–0. But ECHO showed RSG the respect they deserved as they brought back their star Roamer, Tristan “YAWI” Cabrea in place of Jaypee “Jaypee” Gonzales Dela Cruz.

And as it would turn out, this would be the right move as they would go on to ultimately win the match. Although ECHO only had a 5.1k gold lead, they outclassed RSG across the board, doubling RSG’s mere eight kills, and taking down seven of their towers compared to RSG who only managed to take down one. And as it was no surprise to ECHO fans, YAWI was awarded Match MVP.

The Valley vs. Team HAQ

The following match was between North America’s The Valley and Team HAQ. The game began pretty neck-and-neck with both teams trading kills for objectives for the first eight minutes of the game. It was only during the first Lord battle that the tides began to shift towards Team HAQ as they won the teamfight 3–1. From there, Team HAQ do what Team HAQ do best which is snowball their advantages, and snowball they did.

Thanks to the lead they gained, Team HAQ had map priority which allowed Panda to farm. As another Lord fight began at the 13th minute, it looked as if The Valley had the upper hand as Panda was split pushing the Bottom Lane, but little did they know that Panda’s Wanwan would blink across the map, turning what was a 4v4 fight that sided The Valley, into Team HAQ’s favour and gaining himself a triple kill amidst the chaos. From there Team HAQ managed to close out the game securing the second seed in their Group. And of course, Panda was awarded yet another MVP for his phenomenal performance on Wanwan.

RRQ Hoshi vs. RSG Singapore

The final match of the Group Stage was between Indonesia’s RRQ Hoshi and RSG Singapore. RRQ Hoshi put the pedal to the metal as they began the match aggressively to force out mistakes from the side of RSG. By the sixth minute, had already gotten four kills along with two Turtles and one tower. But the Singaporeans weren’t going to let up so easily and managed to keep the game competitive for most of the game.

During the first Lord fight, RRQ would come out on top but the tempo of the game would slow down quite a bit until the second Lord where RRQ managed to take it uncontested. It was here that RSG began to fall apart as they gave away map control and let RRQ slowly push into their base from all sides which ultimately led to RSG’s defeat. RRQ’s Gold Laner, David “Skylar” Tendean would be awarded Match MVP. With this result, RRQ Hoshi would secure the second-place seed in Group C while RSG Singapore placed third.

Here are what the final standings look like:

Group C
1 ECHO 3-0
2 RRQ Hoshi 2-1
3 RSG Singapore 1-2
4 Occupy Thrones 0-3


Group D
1 RRQ Akira 2-1
2 Team HAQ 2-1
3 The Valley 1-2
4 S11 Gaming 1-2



As the day concluded, Team HAQ’s Panda was awarded the Day 4 MVP and with that, the final day of M4’s Group Stage came to an end. The action starts back up on 7 January where we will see the Top 2 seeds of each group battle it out to start the day as we progress through the Playoffs.

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