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Meet Gekko, VALORANT’s Newest Initiator

Riot Games have finally confirmed the next agent joining the Valorant roster, Gekko. Gekko is an Initiator from Los Angeles who “leads a tight-knit crew of calamitous creatures.” He definitely looks like a unique agent since he possesses multiple creatures named after his abilities which he can use to flash, detain, and concuss enemies. Gekko represents a city with a very diverse community.

The narrative writer, Joe Killeen said Gekko is someone “whose upbringing has been shaped by the blending of two different worlds: the cultural heritage of their parents, and the influences of their hometown.” Kileen also mentioned that they narrowed their search down to East Los Angeles, honing in on the Mexican-American community there.


Gekko’s Abilities

Here are all the abilities of Gekko.


Gekko sends Dizzy in a direction. Dizzy will then shoot plasma at enemies in sight, flashing them for a short duration, similar to other flashes currently in the game. Gekko can then collect the fallen Dizzy which becomes a dormant globule (kind of like Cypher Wire Traps to use it for a second charge after the cooldown.


Gekko equips Wingman and fires it seeking an enemy. Wingman unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees. Gekko can use alternate fire to send Wingman out to either defuse the Spike or plant the Spike. Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory to use Wingman as the planter. Wingman, similar to Dizzy can be retrieved for a second charge after the cooldown ends.


Gekko can throw a mosh pit-like grenade toward the ground that will cover a big area. Mosh duplicates upon landing and explodes after a short delay across a wide area, most similar to a KAY/O grenade. He is also able to under-toss the grenade using Alternate Fire.


Gekko equips Thrash and steers her toward the enemies. Similar to a drone-type ability, Thrash is guided by Gekko and can be detonated remotely, detaining enemies in the blast radius. After Thrash expires she can be picked up to gain another charge after a short cooldown to be used once more. Thrash can only be reclaimed once.

We wait eagerly to see the changes Gekko will bring to the meta! While no official release date has been set for Gekko, Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 begins on March 7. Below is Gekko’s Agent Launch Trailer!


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