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Genshin Impact Ver 3.5 Walkthrough

Genshin Impact just released its new 3.5 update, and it features a ton of Sumeru-related quests involving key story bits and a new Hangout event for you thirsty folks out there.

Here are the video guides we’ve created for each of these new story quests in the game. Keep in mind that these are full walkthroughs, so spoilers are imminent.

Genshin Impact ver 3.5 Archon Quest “Caribert”

This storyline pits you, the Traveller, in a quest to find out more about your missing brother. The quest also involves returning Mondstadt characters Kaeya and Dainsleif to an extent. The questline is pretty linear, and takes place in a different part of Sumeru.

Genshin Impact ver 3.5 Dehya Story Quest

This quest lets you try out new character Dehya and takes you all across Sumeru and its desert ruins. It also fleshes out Dehya’s backstory and why she’s the way she is.

Genshin Impact Faruzan Hangout Event Full Walkthrough & All Endings

This month’s new Hangout Event is focused on the Sumeran researcher Faruzan. There are quite a good number of endings in this hangout; do check the timestamps to find out how to unlock them and sort out the dialogue tree leading to said endings.

Faruzan Hangout Ending 1 “Stories of the Past”

An Akademic Problem route

• Let’s help her resolve her current problem first.
• Tell me more about that Haravatat course…

Doing Paperwork Sure Is Tough! route

• So we’ve got teaching methods sorted out.
• There might be people out there who will.
• There might be people out there who will.
• I think it’s because such names are ”fancy”…

Finding Teaching Material Sure Is Tough!

•I’m afraid not.

Being a Classic Sure Is Tough!

• It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic or a fad. What matters is that you like it..
• Perhaps ”Analysis of Popular Literature” might do the trick?

Faruzan Hangout Ending 2 “Start Over”

An Akademic Problem route

• Let’s think of some way to get her to Pardis Dhyai

A Greater Problem route

• Pick whatever; there are no important choices here.

The Ruin Wanderer route

• Pick whatever; there are no important choices here.

Thoughts That Wandered For A Century route

• Read all letters on the floor.

Time To Decide route

• Tell The Whole Truth

Faruzan Hangout Ending 3 “Welcome Home, Faruzan!”

Same as Ending #2, but at the Time To Decide route, pick “Keep Tamimi a secret…”.

Faruzan Hangout Ending 4 “Knowledge Is Wealth!”

An Akademic Problem route

• Let’s help her resolve her current problem first.
• Let’s hear what this Kshahrewar collaborative project is about…

Toys and how To Play With Them route

• 127 steps

Question and Answer Time route

•Try to be accurate and detailed?

Faruzan Hangout Ending 5 “The Gardener & The Nursery)

Same as Ending #4, but at the Question and Answer Time route, pick “Try to keep it simple and fun?”

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