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What You Need To Know About Dota 2’s Patch 7.32e

After the intense Lima Major 2023, Valve dropped the new hero Muerta and Patch 7.32e to balance the game before the next Tour 2 of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2023.


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Fans had been begging for this update for months since some of the heroes like Lina, Nature’s Prophet, and Riki were too overpowered. But Valve listened and nerfed them while also giving some much-needed love to heroes like Anti Mage and Windranger.

Now, the most significant update in this patch is the addition of the new carry hero Muerta. She’s a versatile ranged hero who can play multiple roles like carry, mid, offlane, or even support. And let me tell you, her abilities are insane.



Muerta is already one of the most formidable heroes in the game, and players can’t wait to try her out and put her skills to the test. You can find the full patch notes on Valve’s official page for the Dead Reckoning 7.32e Update. It will be exciting to see how Muerta fares in the world of Dota 2 and how players respond to her unique abilities.

Q – Dead Shot

First off, there’s Dead Shot, where she can fire a ghostly trickshot at an enemy unit or tree, damaging and slowing them before ricocheting in the targeted direction, damaging all units it passes through and fearing heroes hit by the ricochet away from the impact.

W – The Calling

Then, there’s The Calling, where she summons a group of 4 revenants that slow and silence enemies within the area while dealing damage as they pass through them.

E – Gunslinger

And it doesn’t stop there. Muerta’s third ability is Gunslinger, which gives her attacks a chance to fire a second shot at another target, prioritizing Heroes. This ability will help her farm quickly and engage with multiple heroes in a teamfight.

R – Pierce the Veil

Finally, her ultimate ability is Pierce the Veil, where she transforms, becoming immune to physical damage and dealing magical damage with her attacks.


Dead Reckoning Event

They’ve also included a mini-event called “Dead Reckoning” that involves helping Muerta ensure that the correct warm bodies are placed in the right fresh graves.

Here’s how the event works: Before each Dota game, players will receive an assigned target. During the game, players must score points for kills and assists to earn rewards. But be careful, your opponents are also out for your blood. At the end of the game, the player who scores the most points will get twice the reward. This adds an element of competitiveness to the event, making it even more exciting.

So if you’re a Dota 2 player, don’t miss out on the chance to try out the new hero Muerta and participate in the mini-event “Dead Reckoning”. It’s a great opportunity to earn some rewards and have some fun in the game.


Lina Nerf

In the previous Dota 2 patch, Lina was ruling the roost as the most dominant hero in the game. She was so strong that she was either banned or picked first in high-tier games. The hero could farm like nobody’s business and often amassed a huge net worth lead, making her a one-woman army capable of taking on entire enemy teams. But players didn’t like this power trip and demanded Valve nerf Lina. And, it seems their prayers have been answered.

Lina’s abilities have undergone significant changes, except for her ultimate, Laguna Blade. First of all, the cooldown of her Dragon Slave ability has been increased from 9 seconds to 12/11/10/9 seconds. Secondly, the mana cost of her Light Strike Array ability has been hiked up from 100/105/110/115 to 115.

However, the most significant nerf to Lina is related to her passive ability, Fiery Soul. Her attack speed bonus per stack has been reduced from 10/20/30/40 to 8/16/24/32, and her move speed bonus per stack has been decreased from 1.5/2/2.5/3% to 1/1.5/2/2.5%. This will make her less dominant in the early game.

Moreover, her talent tree has also been modified to reduce her strength. For example, her Level 15 Talent Health has been reduced from +350 to +250, while her Level 20 Talent Fiery Soul Speed per stack has been reduced from +15/1% to +10/1%. All in all, these changes will likely reduce Lina’s dominance in the game.


So when can we expect Patch 7.33?

Valve’s recent update not only included changes to the game, but they also teased the release of version 7.33, which is anticipated to be available in late April. According to Valve’s announcement, this upcoming patch has been in the works for a while and is expected to bring substantial changes to the gameplay. While players were hoping that version 7.33 would be included in the latest update, Valve wasn’t able to complete it in time.

It’s kind of funny that the most exciting part of the update is something that isn’t even included in it. Nonetheless, version 7.32e is a decent temporary fix until Valve can spice things up with version 7.33 and shake up the current stale meta.

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