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Afterimage Endings Guide: How To Unlock All 10 Of Them

Afterimage is out right now on PC and consoles. It’s one of 2023’s possible sleeper hit titles as it came out of nowhere, has positive reviews so far, and has a lot of secrets and content jam-packed for its price tag. And if you’re a fan of multiple endings and secret bosses, you’re in luck!

The newly-released search action/Metroidvania title from Aurogon Shanghai has a ton to unlock even if you initially completed the game once. Here’s a guide for each ending and their respective conditions; spoiler tags since we are dealing with the ending(s) of Afterimage.


Afterimage Endings Guide

Ending #1: The Homecoming

Head to the Sunken Sanctum, then activate the machine at the bottom (location pictured above). You’ll fight Guider, The Shadow Moon. Defeat her and you’ll unlock the first ending. She’s really tough, so bring your A-game here.


Ending #2: The Cradle

When you’re about to activate the machine at the Sunken Sanctum, add one or two memory shards to the device.

Here are the locations of the Memory Shards:

  • You get one automatically from Aros when you meet her after going past Misty Waters.
  • There’s one located at Albedo Tower. It’s upward past the boss Darkfeather, but before Alvess the Everstorm.
  • In the Frozen Veins at the top right. You have to use your groundpound/downward smash/Plate of Kingworm afterimage skill to destroy the obstacle to get the Memory Shard (and the Dim Balm).


Ending #3: The Essential

Add three memory shards to the device. Get ready for a really tough fight after this.


Ending #4: The Wall

Find all of Shen Long’s glyphs. Return them to the fairy Se in Emerald Falls (the treasure room area) and you’ll get a Key of Se. Then, head to the Silent Coast, turn off the light, and take the boat out to sea. When you enter the dark fog, wait at least 3 minutes, then hit the boat switch to go in the opposite direction. You’ll then head to the secret island; keep heading left for the gag ending.

Here’s how you can find all of Shen Long’s glyphs:

  • Dui: Heart of Veins
  • Gen: Vertical boundary between Emerald Falls and The Columns
  • Li: Middle of Field of Pyro
  • Kan: Underwater in Field of Hydro
  • Xun: Sky Palace
  • Zhen: Goliathfall
  • Kun: Field of Geo.
  • Qian: Scorchwhere.


Ending #5: The Withering

This ending and the next few require you to beat the Field of Pyro and Scorchwhere primary bosses.

After that, you need to collect the following Primeval Glyphs.

  • Sacrifice: near East confluence of Forest Foregone.
  • Pyro: top of Scorchwhere after Golden Crow.
  • Anemo: after soul-invading Atmous in Sky Palace.
  • Hydro: bottom East tier, Sunken Sanctum.
  • Geo: Next to Roke in Field of Geo.
  • Light: top of Rubiwood Desert in the high-level area. Take the boat at Scorchwhere on the leftmost side to access it.
  • Being: Nameless island where you light the beacon.

After all that, head to the bottom of Field of Pyro to find the egg. Choose “Let’s Begin, Ifree”. You’ll unlock this ending.

Ending #6: The Hope

Head to the Field of Pyro section detailed in the last ending. But instead, choose the “Invade” option. You’ll whack the Egg continuously, then you’ll end up fighting Ifree. You’ll get The Hope ending.


Ending #7: The Journey

Return here and go do the Invade option, but just whack the egg two times; stop when Ifree begs you to. Then just use a Rest Potion at any save point. Head back to the same area and you’ll trigger the Journey ending.


Ending #8: The Dream

This ending and the next require you to unlock New Game+. To unlock New Game+, just beat the game via Ending #3: The Essential and #9: The Journey.

New Game+ lets you play 10 Chapters of side-story gameplay with a guest character that fills in a lot of details about the plot. To unlock Ending #5, speak to the mirror in Chapter 10. The mirror is left of the boss.


Ending #9: The Waiting

Beat Chapter 10 of New Game+.


Ending #10: The World Flower

This one’s tough & requires a lot of legwork. You’ll need to finish up New Game+ to start this.

After finishing all 10 chapters of New Game+, load back to your main save and head to the red teleporter in Albedo Tower. Head through the mapless are as 42 until you reach the bottom. You’ll then get to talk to Karin, who will fight you. Defeat her to get the Mask of the Occult Prime.

You’ll then start the Sea of Souls quest. Head to Owl in Holy Ground, and he’ll tell you to repair the mask to get through 42’s strong soulfield. Head to Field of Hydro and talk to Samsare to repair your mask; you’ll gain the Nuo Mask afterimage powerup.

You will also need the Sword and Halo. The Sword is at middle of Heart of Vein, while the Halo is with the giant turtle at the coast of Forest Foregone.

After that, head back to 42 in the Forbidden Grounds; this is the true final fight, so get prepared beforehand. Defeat all bosses to get this ultimate ending.


Afterimage Map

If you’re lost, Metroidvania map maker demajen has created a pretty comprehensive map for Afterimage. While it’s not 100% complete, it’s more than enough to get you to important locations, important items & gear, and boss fights. Do support demajen and his Ko-Fi page if you can!

Also, this Reddit post has the full map on video:

Complete Map
by u/Sad_Competition4146 in afterimage


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