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FV Major 2023 Results & Highlights

FV Major, one of  Malaysia’s big fighting game tournaments, is back for the weekend of 1st and 2nd July. The esports event is happening at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and features top players from across the globe like Ulsan, JCDR, Book, Xian, Knee, Chuan, Fit3amir, and many more.

Apart from featuring games like Street Fighter 6 and Guilty Gear Strive, the main event is Tekken 7 as Malaysia is part of the Tekken World Tour under the Challenger event tier. Over 200 players have signed up for this Tekken 7 tournament. Of course, there can only be one winner, so here’s a recap of who won and placed in the top 8.

FV Major 2023 Results

Tekken 7

1. KFD | Ulsan (Kazumi, Bob, Feng)
2. DRX | Knee (Bryan, Steve, Feng, Marduk, Negan, Noctis)
3. Mohsin Shooter (Lee, Nina, Bob)
4. DRX| Infested (Negan, Leroy, Geese)
5.KDF| CBM (Noctis)
5. VARREL | Rangchu (Julia)
7.CHANEL (Alisa, Eliza, Zafina)
7.Watanabe (Eliza)


Street Fighter 6

1. Xian (Dee Jay)
2. IAmChuan (Guile)
3. Saisak (Kimberly)
4.SEO (JP)
5.TALON Book (Ken)
5.MY Dublex City
7.INC| xlang


Guilty Gear Strive

1. SEO (Happy Chaos, Chipp)
2. Levi (Leo, Ramlethal, Chipp)
3.Dagre (Baiken)
4.POKOK (Nagoriyuki)
5. Zeidge (Happy Chaos)
5. Rafados
7. MyFGC | Exalmer
7. itowoke



1. X Gear| ET (Isla, B. Jenet, Krohnen)
2. IAmChuan (Kula, Iori, Heidern)
3. Jhun (Kyo, Sylvie, Krohnen)
4. FinalFightX (Clark, Isla, Iori | Ryo, Clark, Iori)
5. WayneNewB (Kyo, K’, Iori)
5. foongZai (Benimaru, Yuri, Chizuru)
7. MKOFU MrMakCikPek
7. jalan18


FV Major 2023 Schedule

FV Major 2023 Stream

Day 2

Day 1

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