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World Of Tanks Adds New Random Events Gameplay Feature

Wargaming has announced that World Of Tanks is adding a new gameplay feature: Random Events, that marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the game’s battlefields.

Random events are the series of dynamic activities that occur with their own specific probabilities in designated areas of four maps: Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Prokhorovka, and Safe Haven. Red smoke will mark the event zone, with a notification as players approach or cross its border. Tankers should exercise caution in the event zone, as their vehicles may be destroyed by large falling wrecks.

Each event will significantly alter the terrain of the respective maps and offer new tactical opportunities for the players. This transformation opens new paths for vehicles, creates fresh cover, and offers unique firing positions. As a result, players will not only get more action-packed and dynamic gameplay that will keep them on their toes, but it will also visually enhance the gaming experience, making it even more immersive.

The types of events will vary depending on the map:

  • On the Safe Haven map, the plane crashes onto the bunker’s roof, leading to the collapse of its structure and creating additional cover between the bunker and the port.
  • On the Himmelsdorf map, an air strike hits the locomotive as it’s leaving the train yard. Here, the scattered train cars will serve as good cover. Also, a falling zeppelin changes the landscape on the central square and “tank alley”, creating a descent from the hill to the heavy tank positions.
  • On the Prokhorovka map, planes crash into the alley, scorching part of the bushes and creating new cover.
  • Ruinberg map is attacked from the air. As a result, an additional pass through the central blocks appears in the town, forming a new direction of attack.

Check out the trailer below:

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