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You Can Play Both Jak and Daxter Games On PC; Here’s How

Before Uncharted and the controversial The Last Of Us series (where part 2 is getting a remaster and currently getting flak for certain ideals), developer Naughty Dog made a bunch of pretty awesome 3D platformers called Jak and Daxter.

The first game was a seamless epic platforming adventure while the second game, Jak 2, had Grand Theft Auto open-world and gunplay mixed in to great effect. However, both of them were on the PlayStation 2 back in the aughts (2000s) and were never ported or made available outside of Sony’s platforms since.

Thankfully, you can now play these two games on PC, but not through official means. See, a team named OpenGOAL has took it upon themselves to port both PS2 classics onto PC through their own launcher. The first game is done and now part 2 is recently available to finish from start to finish. Before you say “emulation”, OpenGOAL’s process is anything but a pure PlayStation 2 emulation. The team reverse-engineered the game to run natively on PC; their methods are completely legal as everything is done from scratch without replying and incorporating any Sony or Naughty Dog tech. However, you need an ISO image from your own copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor’s Legacy and Jak 2 to use with OpenGOAL’s launcher.

There are bugs in the Jak 2 port, but the team is working on it and assured that the game is 100% compleatable on its platform.

What Makes Jak & Daxter Special Programming-Wise

Both games (as well as Jak 3 and Jak X) were made in a unique programming language called GOAL, which hasn’t been used anywhere outside of gaming. Which is where the group OpenGOAL comes in: the projects are made “for fun and challenge” and isn’t meant to be anything commercial. Even former CEO of Naughty Dog Jason Rubin was impressed, considering Jak and Daxter was his baby alongside the PlayStation 1 Crash Bandicoot games.

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