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Best April Fools Day Jokes From The Games & Entertainment Industry In 2024

Every year, companies from the games and the entertainment industries will publish their own April Fools Day jokes on the first day of April. Each year, there are bound to be some good ones and some ridiculous ones that will make you giggle and chuckle, so check out some of our picks and highlights below.

Happy April Fools Day 2024!


Resident Evil 1 Remake

No matter how much Resident Evil fans want it to be real, it’s not.

Not yet, anyways.


Pokemon Sleep Tournament

Don’t miss these Sleepy Trainers as they try to win the most unexpected trophy of the year!



We’ve had some crazy April Fools jokes from Razer in past years, including some that actually came true.

However, this year’s will clearly remain a joke. Introducing the Razer Cthulhu, the ultimate gaming chair. Never have to leave your chair again as eight independent robotic arms cater to your every need.


Cygames – Brave Bang Bravern

Introducing the Brave Bang Bravern!-themed frying pan, Brave Bang Frypan.


Gran Blue Fantasy Versus


SEGA – Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic Man, from the 2006 title Sonic the Hedgehog, will be joining SEGA as a Sonic Ambassador.


Goddess Of Victory Nikke

The horror sequel to Goddess Of Victory Nikke. Also, players will be able to use the game’s CEO Syuen as a playable character for a limited time. It’s a laugh riot, considering that she’s a joke character.


Granblue Fantasy Versus

With one single button press, you can versus any foe in Versing!


Toge Productions – Whisper Mountain Outbreak

This is actually a real game.



Immerse yourself in the world of “Tiny Wars” with Bohemia Interactive’s latest update for Arma Reforger! Lead your army of miniature warriors into battle and relive the joy of childhood military games.


HoYoVerse – Honkai Star Rail

Teaser for the new SFX space fantasy movie
Not Releasing Worldwide on 2024/04/01.

Bonus: Here’s a never-to-ever-happen collab between HoYoverse and Capcom with said Cosmic Trailblaze mecha.


HoYoVerse – Genshin Impact

Welcome to Mondstadt.


Dave The Diver

The Leahs you know from Duff’s dreams!!
Now you can have the full Leahs experience in VR !!



We know some people want this to be real.



Potato banana.


Arc System Works

Guilty Gear Strive’s 4th Season starter character isn’t all that cracked up to be.


Retro Blast

Retro consoles are all jokes, anyways.



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