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Korean Artist Kim Jung Gi Has Passed Away: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Woman King Delayed To February 2023 In Malaysia: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Star Wars Andor Episode 5 Breakdown & Easter Eggs: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Crossfire Legion Update Removes Store, Adds Campaign Act II & More

Crossfire Legion, the fast-paced action-packed RTS game currently available to play in Early Access, have announced the latest addition of content including some truly exciting news:  Store removed Its presence led players to wonder about the introduction of gameplay affecting microtransactions in the future and pay-to-win in general. Whi...

Lost Ark Gets Major May Update, Featuring Raids & A New Class

Lost Ark is still a-ticking and being played by everyone, including people outside of its US and Europe region. The long-awaited endgame Raids for the game will arrive in the worldwide client of the game later this month of May 2022. The game's Legion Raids are "difficult team-based activities that require teamwork to understand and execute the ...

Lost Ark Is Being Played By 20 Million People Worldwide

Lost Ark, the free-to-play MMORPG from South Korea that's recently in English thanks to publisher Amazon, is the hotness right now. The game has topped 20 million players worldwide following its highly successful English language release. Within three days or so, the game had 4.7 million new players joining its community, mostly from North Ameri...

Lost Ark Bans Millions Of Players For Using Bots

Current hot stuff MMORPG Lost Ark seems to have a ton of bots playing the game, so it's only natural for developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon to start waving the banhammers. A month after its launch, Lost Ark has deployed a significantly large ban wave, removing "over a million" accounts for botting in a single day. Given the game's 1,324,76...

Lost Ark Endgame Will Get Some Endgame Nerfs This March

Lost Ark will be getting a handful of updates this March, though the next one will be coming sooner than you think. The next weekly update will be out later this week, and will rebalance some tier 1 and tier 2 endgame activities. The game's Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids will be nerfed. In the original Korean version, the game's tier 1 and ...

Lost Ark Is Getting More European Servers To Help With Demand

Smilegate and Amazon Games' MMORPG Lost Ark is pretty popular right now, so much so that it's having trouble keeping up with demands. The game will introduce a new European server region to cope with demand following its massive launch. In case you didn't hear, Lost Ark reached 1.3 million peak players and is the second-highest concurrent player...

Lost Ark Player Count Goes Over A Million, A Day After Launch

Update: Lost Ark numbers recently beat CS:GO and Dota 2's; the game is now the second-highest played game with peak player records with 1,325,305 players. Here's the latest ranking as of 13 February: PUBG: Battlegrounds – 3,257,248 Lost Ark – 1,325,305 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 1,308,963 Dota 2 â...

Lost Ark: The Top 5 Classes To Main

Disclaimer: This feature is still under development... Lost Ark is out right now, and it's looking like a pretty sweet free-to-play online RPG that's done in isometric action style like your Diablos and Paths of Exile, but in the trappings of a Korean MMO. If you like that kind of hybrid, you should give it a go. With a plethora of classes, i...

How To Play Lost Ark If You’re In Malaysia & Southeast Asia

The pretty hyped-up action RPG MMO hybrid Lost Ark, a game from Smilebit and from South Korea, is coming out in English thanks to Amazon Games. The catch? It's only downloadable and available in North America and Europe. If you're residing in Malaysia, Singapore, or anywhere else in Southeast Asia, tough luck! Or is it, really? There's a way ...

Crossfire: Legion Is An RTS Spin-Off Coming Out In Early Access This February

Remember the multiplayer shooter Crossfire back in 2007 that's basically a CS:GO clone? Well, it blew up big in Korea and China, becoming quite a media juggernaut over in the East. After all, it has 8 million concurrent users as of now. Publisher Smilegate wants to expand the brand to other genres: real-time strategy to be specific via its upcom...

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