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Fallout 76 Player Count Surpasses One Million In A Single Day, Almost Five Million Across Fallout Franchise: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Gori Cuddly Carnage Looks Like Devil May Cry With Cats, Launches This August: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Honkai Star Rail to Unveil New Endgame Mode Later this Year: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Godzilla X Kong The New Empire Stomps To Biggest Opening Weekend Of 2024 So Far

Godzilla X Kong The New Empire is conquering the world, garnering a whopping US$194 million in its opening weekend box office, which is the biggest one yet in 2024 so far. Previously, Dune Part Two held that record with US$178.5 million in its opening box weekend. Both movies were distributed by Warner Bros. Discovery, and they have been domi...

Godzilla X Kong Sighted At Dataran Merdeka In KL, Malaysia

Warner Bros. Malaysia has unveiled a special promotional clip for Godzilla x Kong The New Empire, showcasing Godzilla and Kong appearing at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The synopsis reads: The epic battle continues! Legendary Pictures’ cinematic Monsterverse follows up the explosive showdown of “Godzilla vs. Kong” with an ...

Godzilla X Kong The New Empire Review: Fun Kaiju Titanic Team-Up

Warner Bros. and Legendary's MonsterVerse is now a decade old since it began with 2014's Godzilla. It now boasts four movies and a spinoff TV series, Monarch Legacy Of Monsters (which is extremely good and recommended to watch). 2021's Godzilla Vs Kong gave us the highly-anticipated kaiju clash of the century but is Godzilla X Kong The New Empire a...

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Director James Wan Wants To Make A Movie Set In Malaysia Someday

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Malaysia and Fast Track Events, we were given the opportunity to take part in a special Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom event with acclaimed film director James Wan himself, who is also best known for directing Saw, The Conjuring, Insidious and other movies. During a Q&A session, James Wan spoke about many topi...

The DCEU Has Some Fun With The Flash As It Nears The Finish Line

It's hard to believe that The Flash, one of the most iconic superheroes in pop culture, is only now receiving his first-ever feature film debut in 2023. Despite the many issues and problems that the movie's production and development have faced over almost a decade since it was originally announced way back in 2014, the film is finally out and...we...

Creed 3 Delivers An Undisputed Knockout With Anime-Style Flair

Creed 3 is actually the ninth film in the iconic Rocky franchise, which began with 1976's Rocky. Despite being nine films in and the absence of Sylvester Stallone's Rocky, the third Creed film might actually be one of the best films in the franchise, bringing the spinoff franchise into its own and out of the shadow of its legacy. No Rocky, No Prob...

Godzilla King Of The Monsters Review: Big In All The Right Ways

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters has finally arrived half a decade after 2014's Godzilla. It's only the second ever live-action American version of the iconic monster/Kaiju (one that some fans have endearingly referred to as Fatzilla), although its Japanese incarnation has gone through multiple versions since the original 1954 movie more than half a ...

Detective Pikachu Could Have Been A Much Better Pokémon Movie; Here’s Why

Ever since I was a kid, I've been dreaming of what a live-action Pokémon movie would look like, especially more so after the release of the iconic 1998 animated classic Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. If you think that Detective Pikachu is the equivalent of that movie (or reflective of any of the mainline Pokémon games), I'm afraid you...

Is The Lego Movie 2 Still Awesome If It’s Just More Of The Same?

The first Lego Movie was, quite simply, awesome. A stunning mix of a hilarious unpredictable script, a great cast and fun metafictional elements all wrapped up in an amazing animation style that brought the Danish construction bricks and minifigs to life like never before. The only thing that could be more awesome would be a sequel, right? Well, t...

DC’s Aquaman: Rotten Fish or Prime Cut Sashimi?

Aquaman is the best DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movie to date, not that the bar was high to begin with. After a string of disastrous and mediocre (at best) movies, the franchise was in dire need of revitalization or even an emergency reboot. Thanks to Aquaman, that's not necessary anymore. Aquaman is not the live-action debut of the DC Comics supe...

Fish Are Friends: A Quick Guide of Aquaman’s Heroes and Villains

Aquaman will be the one and only DC Comics movie coming out in 2018, as well as the last comic book movie of the year. It will arrive with high expectations, especially since it will be the first DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movie to be released since 2017's Justice League (which was the lowest-grossing entry in the franchise to date). Aquaman is p...

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