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Remember that super-popular GranBlue Fantasy browser/mobile RPG in Japan that took the whole country by storm back in 2014? As of now, it’s been downloaded 18 million times and is still going strong; stronger than even mainstays like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Fire Emblem Heroes. Publisher/developer Cygames is so bloody rich from that game that they can probably still pull off almost-to-scale fantasy airship displays in trade shows. 

Point is, action game team wunderkind Platinum Games are going to create an action game set in the GranBlue Fantasy universe exclusively for the PS4. And you know those guys are REALLY damn good with their action games if NieR Automata and the Bayonetta games are any indications.

Currently the codename’s Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link. Yes, it’s full of colons so the title is a work in progress.

But you know what? It’s best if you just see it in action below:

After you’re done picking up your jaw from the floor, you’ll be disappointed to know that there’s no release date set yet. The action game stays true to the mobile game where you can pull off chain burst attacks in tandem while fighting mobs of enemies. Only this time, you can’t rely too much on turn-based menus; you have to use your reflexes to dodge and deal damage.

Fun stuff! It’s got the trademark Platinum Games 60fps and more mandate, and the action flows great. We can’t wait to see more.

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