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Don’t you just hate it when your best-kept secrets are leaked accidentally by major retailers? Take this report with a grain of salt until it’s made official, but a recent Walmart Canada retail list leak via Wario64 unveiled a lot of good news for gaming fans who like sequels to past blockbusters.

So what are we getting? Here are some highlights:

  • Just Cause 4. More Rico Rodriguez grappling action; we can’t wait.
  • A new Splinter Cell.
  • Rage 2, the sequel to the first Rage which is id Software’s version of Mad Max.
  • A new Assassin’s Creed game.
  • Gears of War 5; inevitable since the previous Gears of War game’s ending foreshadowed a future plot point.
  • LEGO DC Villains, which would be a nice change of pace from using DC heroes.
  • Borderlands 3. I’ve been saying this offline quite a bit, but this series needs a current-gen comeback.

Apart from that, there’s a new Destiny expansion codenamed Comet and a new title called Insurgency Sandstorm. Usual suspects like the Final Fantasy VII reboot, The Division 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2, The Last of Us 2, and Dragon Quest Builder 2 (probably mislabelled as “Dragon Quest 2”) are also on the retail list.

Check out the screen cap below courtesy of Wario64.

Again, take this with a grain of salt, but this E3 is shaping up to be exciting since we’ll be taking a look at some old friends making a comeback.

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