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Y: The Last Man TV Pilot Confirms Another Casting

We received news that FX’s TV pilot for cult classic graphic novel, Y: The Last Man just confirmed another casting which got us worried.

According to Deadline, Amber Tamblyn (127 Hours, Django Unchained) will play Mariette Callows. Daughter of the President of the United States, Mariette has been groomed for a career in politics and to uphold her father’s conservative values.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.54.28 am

Amber Tamblyn

Nope nope nope.

While we are certainly glad to finally see our favorite graphic novel come to television, the fact that Tamblyn’s character will be specifically written for the small screen spells bad news everywhere. We feel that her addition was done to replace a certain character which FX felt unsuitable for TV and by doing so, ruined what already was a perfectly told story in print.

Our guess? Tamblyn’s charater, Mariette is set to replace Yedida “Alter” Tse’elon, the new Chief of the General Staff for Israel who in the comics, was hell-bent on reclaiming Yorick for the state of Israel. We really hope we are totally wrong here.

Launched in 2002, Y: The Last Man is a post-apocalyptic science fiction comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. It follows the adventures of a young escape artist, Yorick who found himself along with his pet Capuchin monkey named Ampersand to be the last two surviving males on Earth following a cataclysmic event which wiped out all  living beings with a Y chromosome.

In the books, he travels across the globe to reunite with his girlfriend, Beth (Juliana Canfield) who was last seen in Australia just before every living male got wiped out.

Last week we reported the main cast of the TV show which included Barry Keoghan as Yorrick, Lashayna Lynch as Agent 355, Diane Lane as Yorick’s mother, Senator Jennifer Brown and Imogen Poots as Yorick’s sister, Hero.


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