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Here’s Why Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Be Easy to Platinum

With only a few weeks left until release, more details for Kingdom Hearts 3 are beginning to come to light. The full trophy list for the highly-anticipated Square Enix title has been revealed by Reddit user DeftonesBandPSN, who ripped it directly from PSN servers.

By the looks of it, there will be a total of 46 trophies – 1 platinum, 3 gold, 10 silver, and 32 bronze. Before checking out the list of Kingdom Hearts 3 trophies below, be warned that they may constitute as spoilers for those who wish to venture into the game without any prior knowledge. Read on at your own discretion.


  • KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master (Platinum) – Unlock all other trophies.
  • A New Journey (Bronze) – Begin your brand new adventure.
  • Clash of the Gods (Bronze) – Adventure through Olympus and complete the story.
  • A Wish at Twilight (Bronze) – Adventure through Twilight Town and complete the story.
  • Inseparable Friends (Bronze) – Adventure through Toy Box and complete the story.
  • Happily Ever After (Bronze) – Adventure through the Kingdom of Corona and complete the story.
  • The Power of Laughter (Bronze) – Adventure through Monstropolis and complete the story.
  • An Act of True Love (Bronze) – Adventure through Arendelle and complete the story.
  • Way of the Pirate (Bronze) – Adventure through The Caribbean and complete the story.
  • Making a Difference (Bronze) – Adventure through San Fransokyo and complete the story.
  • Home Again (Bronze) – Adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood and complete the story.
  • The Hearts Joined to His (Bronze) – Gather the seven guardians of light.
  • No Matter What (Bronze) – Reunite with Kairi.
  • The Battle to End All (Silver) – Begin the final confrontation with Master Xehanort.
  • Another Chapter Closed (Gold) – Finish the game and view the ending.
  • Hidden Kings (Gold) – Complete the lucky Emblems section of the Gummiphone.
  • Know Thine Enemy (Bronze) – Complete the Adversaries section of the Gummiphone.
  • No Stone Unturned (Silver) – Complete the Treasures section of the Gummiphone.
  • Synthesist (Silver) – Complete the Synthesis section of the Gummiphone.
  • One for the Books (Bronze) – Complete the Game Records section of the Gummiphone.
  • Tall Enough to Ride (Bronze) – Use an attraction to defeat enemies for the first time.
  • Heartbound (Bronze) – Use a link to defeat enemies for the first time.
  • Grand Mage (Bronze) – Cast grand magic for the first time.
  • Knight (Bronze) – Defeat 1,000 enemies.
  • Bishop (Bronze) – Defeat 3,000 enemies.
  • Rook (Silver) – Defeat 5,000 enemies.
  • Flanmeister (Silver) – Complete all of the Flantastic Seven missions.
  • Salvager (Bronze) – Use the gummi ship to obtain 20 unique treasures.
  • Stargazer (Bronze) – Use the gummi ship to find and photograph all of the constellations.
  • Thermosphere (Gold) – Destroy the Schwarzgeist, menace of the Ocean Between.
  • Centurion (Bronze) – Score at least 12,000,000 pts. in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead.
  • Festive Dancer (Bronze) – Score at least 70,000 pts. in the Festival Dance.
  • Shield Shredder (Bronze) – Score at least 600,000 pts. in Frozen Slider.
  • Datascraper (Bronze) – Get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses.
  • Dreadnought (Silver) – Fully power up the Leviathan.
  • True Captain (Bronze) – Sink 200 enemy ships in The Caribbean.
  • Say Cheese! (Bronze) – Snap your first photo.
  • Lasting Memories (Bronze) – Hold on to 50 photos.
  • Cornucopia (Bronze) – Collect every type of ingredient.
  • Full Course (Bronze) – Earn your first “Excellent” while preparing cuisine.
  • Master Chef (Silver) – Earn an “Excellent” while preparing every type of cuisine.
  • Muscle Memory (Bronze) – Get a new high score in one of the Classic Kingdom games.
  • Classically Trained (Silver) – Get a new high score in every Classic Kingdom game.
  • Blademaster (Bronze) – Obtain a Keyblade that is fully powered up.
  • Ultima Weapon (Silver) – Synthesize the Ultima Weapon.
  • Leveled Out (Silver) – Raise Sora to LV 99.

While it may not be entirely accurate to say that all of those trophies would amount to an ‘easy’ Platinum, at least there aren’t any difficulty-related trophies, unlike previous entries in the franchise. That means the Kingdom Hearts 3 Platinum trophy is obtainable on any difficulty.

Last year, Sony Santa Monica’s God of War and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey also employed the same model. Players can still choose higher difficulties for the additional challenge but they’re not actually required for the Platinum trophy. Personally, I wish more games will follow suit in the future.

Many of the trophies also seem to focus on the mini-games in Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as several Gummi Ship-related trophies. These mini-games include the retro ‘Classic Kingdom’ games, a cooking mini-game, and some that have to do with the new Gummiphone feature.

You heard that right. Sora gets a phone with which he can take selfies now, and there’s an actual trophy tied to this activity. Cue the resounding groans of millions of gamers. While these mini-games and side content won’t be particularly challenging, they’ll definitely be quite a chore to complete.

Furthermore, the list essentially confirms all the worlds that will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3. There are nine trophy-related worlds, including Twilight Town, Olympus, Toy Box, Kingdom of Corona, Monstropolis, Arendelle, The Caribbean, San Fransokyo, and the Hundred Acre Wood.

In the meantime, check out our hands-on preview of the Kingdom Hearts 3 demo here. Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated to release for the PS4 and Xbox One on 29 January 2019.


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