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The next Overwatch Archives event, Storm Rising, will be playable later today. You’d better be goddamn excited since these sort of PvE events help flesh out the game’s soul and offer something other than PvP and entitled toxic behaviour.

Anyway, you’ll be playing all the difficulty levels of this mode -using either Genji, Tracer, Winston, and Mercy- to get a chance to win exclusive skins and cosmetics. We’ve got:

Ashe The Socialite. This gets full marks because it’s classy & shows off B.O.B at his best. 


Talon Baptiste. The new guy gets the cool threads & legs.


Clown Junkrat. Can’t say “no” to more Junkrat shenanigans.


…and a bunch of others I don’t really care about. To each their own.

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In case you need a refresher on how the Havana takedown looks like, check out the official trailer below:

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