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There are sneakers for every pop culture brand now, from Stranger Things to Game Of Thrones. Now Chinese company 361 Degrees are releasing a new line of official Mobile Suit Gundam sneakers for all you mecha fans out there.

Each Gundam sneaker will set you back around US$60 to US$70, which is roughly RM250 to RM290+. The new lineup of Gundam sneakers consists of four models, two of which comes in two different color schemes.

Gundam Sneakers 1

If you have the cash to spare, the collector’s edition for these Gundam sneakers comes with a cool box or crate that looks in line with the franchise’s aesthetics.

Gundam Sneakers 2

Besides sneakers, 361 Degrees is also making some official Gundam-themed apparel, which you can check out below.

Gundam Sneakers 3

These official Gundam merchandises are now available on the official website here. For more Gundam-related stuff, Uniqlo recently released their own lineup of Gundam-themed shirts.


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