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We’re in a great age of multiplayer gaming where a PC player can opt to fight against his console brethren. Good to see Activision and Infinity Ward keeping up with the times; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will feature crossplay amongst other features.

Some details about the touted long-time coming crossplay option: the PC version will feature that option with the  PS4 and Xbox One versions. According to the game’s multiplayer design director Joe Cecot, the games will be matchmaking by peripheral. So if you are a keyboard player, you will fight with keyboard players. If you are a console gamer and you play on a gamepad , you can opt-in. Just one fair caveat: you cannot change controllers/peripherals mid-match; it’s locked once you begin searching.

PC master race peeps will be pleased to know that the game will have uncapped frame rate and an FOV slider that will work well with the game’s widescreen and multi-monitor support. This should also go without saying, but the game will have customizable controls that “encompass rebindable inputs, simplified key binding, and unspecified advanced mouse options.”

Just one itty-bitty thing: the PC version is available via Not sure if that will irk some of you.

You probably want to see how it all plays out in motion. Check out the multiplayer gameplay courtesy of DualShockers. We’ve got night vision mode, 20v20 Ground War, and more!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be out 25th October.

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