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It’s only a month away until the really awesome mobile RPG Dragalia Lost, which is way better-localized & flavourful than most gacha-based RPGs like Fate: GO, is celebrating its first-every anniversary. What better way to party than with an official artbook from Cygames?


Developer Cygames announced via Dengeki Online that it will be releasing the 304-page A4-sized artbook on 27th September. The book will come with the following:

  • Character illustrations and their Japanese flavour text.
  • Dragon artwork, from actual dragons to the ones who look like hot women like Mym above.
  • Wyrmprint artwork from their base to leveled up forms.
  • In-game event scene artworks and Twitter illustrations.

Best you go check those Kinokuniyas in Malaysia/Singapore whether they’ll have these bad boys in stock. I’ll say this: Cygames are well-aware of Mym being a fan-favourite since she’s way at the front of the book’s cover.

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