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Tower Of Fantasy Receives Two New Trailers To Showcase Its Anime Trappings & Open Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Environment: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // CDL Championship 2022 – Los Angeles Thieves Are The 2022 Champions: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Sandman Season 2: What To Expect: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
After 5 Years, Dragalia Lost Is Ending Its Services, Probably In Late 2022

Cygames and Nintendo's joint collaboration mobile RPG Dragalia Lost will be shutting down. Not immediately, mind you. According to both Cygames and Nintendo, Dragalia Lost will end its service sometime after the conclusion of the game's main story campaign in July 2022. The game will conclude its 5-year running story with the second half of Chap...

[Rumour] Dragalia Lost Will Feature Persona 5 Characters As Guests

Dragalia Lost's Euden & company will be getting visitors from modern-day Tokyo soon. According to a recent datamine of a new Dragalia Lost update, some line of code seem to mention characters from the Nintendo Switch action game Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. This is obviously a spin-off to the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off RPG Pers...

Dragalia Lost Fans, You’re Getting A Monster Hunter Crossover

Dragalia Lost is still a-tickin' in 2020 with its new Gala summoning event and a slew of new stuff. One of them is this crossover with Capcom featuring everybody's favourite giant-killing simulator. The game's timed event is called Primal Crisis, and it'll last from 28th January until 17th February PT. Here's a trailer of Monster Hunter mascot ...

Dragalia Lost’s 1st Anniversary Features Gala Prince & Upcoming Mega Man Crossover

The recent Dragalia Lost 1st anniversary news video was streamed a few hours ago. Here's what you can expect from the game's celebration and future updates. There's a lot, so I'll keep it as short as Notte and as focused as Mym's determination. -Free daily tenfold summon tickets. Players will get a total of 100 pulls so maybe, just maybe, you'll g...

Dragalia Lost Will Have Its Own 304-Page Artbook On Its Upcoming Anniversary

It's only a month away until the really awesome mobile RPG Dragalia Lost, which is way better-localized & flavourful than most gacha-based RPGs like Fate: GO, is celebrating its first-every anniversary. What better way to party than with an official artbook from Cygames? Developer Cygames announced via Dengeki Online that it will be releasin...

Fan-Favourite Dragalia Lost Dragon Waifu Is Now A Playable Character

Do you like doting hot-headed fiery women who can transform into a dragon to be your next gacha companion? Of course you do, which is why Cygames and Nintendo have finally, FINALLY turned Dragalia Lost's most-requested main campaign character into a gacha. I'm referring to my the community's waifu, Mym. Or "Gala Mym" in this limited-time event. h...

Japanese Gacha Games, & The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With Them

In the past decade, the mobile app market has thrived as a platform for enjoyable experiences on the go. The market first started out offering many complete games for flat but affordable prices. That format has maintained itself over the years, but as the number of mobile apps rose exponentially, developers had to adapt by coming up with newer stra...

Dragalia Lost X Fire Emblem = A Grand 2 Weeks For Mobile RPG Fans

If you love Nintendo RPGs and happen to be playing Dragalia Lost, last year's best surprise game on mobile, you're in for a treat. The game will feature a special Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event, as well as reduced prices for hero and dragon gachaing. Here's the gist: a portal opens between the worlds of Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes, result...

Dragalia Lost’s Next Update Will Let You Equip Two Wyrmprints, Speed Up Grinding, & More

Dragalia Lost players and fans will be happy with the next update this March; they'll get to equip two Wyrmprints and gain more perimeters when creating custom rooms for co-op multiplayer. Previously, you could only equip one. But now with the Void Battles and possibly tougher high-level endgame group fights on the horizon, having more means to bu...

Dragalia Lost Guide: How To Train Your Dragon (Form)

We won't lie: Dragalia Lost is quite a charming little F2P action RPG game. You fight mobs with a party of four, you can build your castle and homestead (albeit in very simple fashion), and you can transform into a kick-ass dragon when needed. It sounds almost standard for a mobile action RPG, but it's done well and full of polish. Nintendo and Cy...

Dragalia Lost Feels Like Charted Territory, Albeit The Fun Kind

Dragalia Lost is the least innovative title among Nintendo's mobile game offerings, and this is coming from the folks who did Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s basically White Cat Project but with a new skin and that Nintendo touch. For those not in tune with the mobile gaming scene, White Cat Project is a 2014 action RPG for iOS...

Dragon Force: Dragalia Lost Garnered US$3.5 Million Worldwide In First 5 Days

It's only been a week or so, but somehow Nintendo and Cygames' latest White Cat Project-esque action RPG is raking in the big bucks. According to analyst firm Sensor Tower (via Variety), the mobile game has grossed US$3.5 million or so since its launch on 27th September worldwide. The game was officially released in the United States, Japan, Ho...

Nintendo & Cygames Announces New F2P JRPG For Mobile Phones; Features Dragons

Nintendo and Cygames, the folks who made Gran Blue Fantasia and Hearthstone for Weebs Shadowverse, are teaming up to create a new mobile JRPG that's free-to-play. It's called Dragalia Lost, and yes you heard right, it's a completely new IP. This is not a new Mario or Fire Emblem game, or even any existing Nintendo property. It's a brand new world ...

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