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The Overwatch World Cup is just around the corner and Team Malaysia has announced its players! Take a look:

Malaysia OWWC Players.jpg

In line with the recently implemented Role Lock, the team members are categorised according to the roles they’ll be playing. With all team members chosen and the committee members working together, Team Malaysia will now be working hard to face the world.

“The players and coach are skilled and have good chemistry, I’d highly recommend other teams to watch out!”

– Sun “megikari” San, Malaysia’s Overwatch World Cup Community Manager.

If you want to follow each player and maybe even give them some supporting shout-outs, you can find them on social media through their respective accounts:

Andeh – @Andehyo
KRITZ – @kenji_tangkc
Play2Learn – @AsianSnackDino
Swift – Sean Phuah
Jackjack – @izuhairie
Vermillion – @VermiVermii
LAT – @eddylat_n7

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