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One of the few small but appreciable details in Apex Legends is how each Legends has their own unique Finishers that fit their personalities and playstyles. Ever since the game’s release, fans have always been suggesting and even sometimes animating their own Finishers. Some have been praised by the game’s developers but simultaneously panned down.

I animated a Caustic finisher I call: BEAKER BREAKER from r/apexlegends

Reddit user Vaarnex recently posted a Caustic Finisher that he animated himself called “BREAKER BREAKER”. It shows the noxious nihilist breaking a glass breaker on an opponent’s face and then using the broken breaker to stab them in the neck. Respawn developer under the username lowkeydbjosh said it looked “pretty cool” but also said that it would be too much for the game.

In his short comment, the developer states that the animation simply wouldn’t make it into the game because it’s “not Teen-rated”, alluding to the game’s ESRB rating.


Lowkeydbjosh’s explanation is perfectly reasonable. However, those of you who have played the game surely will have noticed that it already contains a few Finishers that definitely feel like they don’t belong in a game rated for Teens.

Just look at one of Pathfinder’s Finishers where he clearly destroys an opponent’s neck with his grapple hook. The high-five that follows definitely doesn’t make it any less brutal.

Thanks, Dexerto.

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