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Marvel’s Avengers Guide: How To Pick The Right Hero For Your Playstyle

This guide will be updated periodically. 

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes may need a LOT of fixing, but its core gameplay is decent and is occasionally fun with people. And if you like Destiny but wished it had more mid-ranged pugilism and fireworks, you could do worst than Marvel’s Avengers.

Here’s a quick guide to all the characters you can play in this online action game. Just a couple of tips before we get to characters.

-You can’t use the same Avengers in a mission, so be sure to pick at least three heroes to main. Chances are people will be using more Ms. Marvel when you start out since she’s easily accessible from the start, so think on who else to main.

Our own Mr. Toffee is using Ms. Marvel, Thor, and Black Widow. Your choices and playstyle may vary.

-Loot is broken down into the following colours from low value to high: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange. Immediately break down White and Green as soon as you have more Blues in one category of gear.

-Stats are more important in the long run when you’re tinkering with gear and mixing/matching brands like Stark Industries or Pym Tech. You’ll want to get your hands dirty by prioritizing the following categories, based on your builds:

  • Might for stronger punches.
  • Precision for sharpshooting prowess.
  • Proficiency for increased likelihood of landing critical hits.
  • Valor for supercharging those aforementioned super moves.
  • Resolve for a bigger health bar.
  • Resilience for heightened defence.
  • Intensity for mastering status effects, both in how effective yours are and how well you block against an enemy’s.


Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel is the main character in this game for a very good reason: she’s a good beginner hero to start off with and level max out post-game. She is flexible and has great reach with her attacks. Her Intrinsic ability lets her automatically dodge & parry enemy attacks as long as you have enough meter.

There are plenty of opportunities to capitalise on her heavy and ranged attacks. Moves like Whirling Wallop launch hostiles into the air with a series of quick uppercuts, whereas Morning Star can be activated immediately after a successful parry to send threats flying.

Best Build For Ms. Marvel

Tanky Bruiser

Best when you want to focus on damage-dealing and health regeneration.

Attributes to focus on: Might, Valor, Resolve

Best gear perks: Reactive Explosion, Heavyweight buffs

Skills to prioritize: Double-Barrel Punch, Catapult Kick, Spinning Heel Strike, Hammer Fist, Whirling Wallop, Living Large, Hand Clap, Spirit Walk, Hip Check, Fists of Justice, Healing Spirit Specialization I: Will To Live, Spirit Specialization II: Will to Fight, Hand Clap, Embiggen Specialization I: Big Trouble.

Best Mastery (Lv15 & above): Efficiency: Intrinsic Upgrade, Utility: Melee Upgrade, Takedown Upgrade

The Hulk

Everybody’s favourite jolly green giant is a playable character here. His Intrinsic ability lets you deal more damage and lifesteal from enemies. He can also use Boneshaker that taunts all nearby enemies and increases his defence. However, the game’s many, MANY enemies can knock the Hulk down because of gameplay reasons. To get around this, you’ll need to dodge attacks and start using his “grab” move (hold the light attack button; he’ll grab the first enemy he hits). Use this to do an AoE attack and mix it up with Thunderclap Ultimate to do decent crowd control. Do add in skill points that bolster his AoE.

Gear-wise, you will need to give Hulk a Pym Particle set so that he can debuff enemies and use his Intrinsic to clear them out quicker.

Best Build for The Hulk

Hulk Smash Offensive

This Hulk build says it all: deal damage, shrug it off like a champ.

Attributes to focus on: Might, Valor

Best gear perks: Heavyweight inspiration and quake, Brazen Invulnerability,

Skills to prioritize: Sky Fall, Earth Smasher, Devil’s Rampage, Controlled Chaos, Unstoppable Ferocity, Monster of Mayhem, Survival Instincts, Klaxon Frenzy, Siphoning Grasp, Tectonic Fury.

Best Mastery (Lv15 & above): Intrinsic Ability: Damage Specialization & Efficiency Specialization, Intrinsic Overcharge: Overcharge Specialization & Damage Specialization, Melee: Grab Specialization.

Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. Unlike other heroes, Iron Man’s Intrinsic bar is his suit energy, allowing him to switch between a range of weapons, including repulsors, lasers, and rockets. These can be unlocked and upgraded in his skill trees.

To recharge your suit energy, you need to hit enemies with melee attacks. This makes him more complex than other heroes, as you need to choose which weapon is best in what situation, but it also makes him more fun to use.

He’s not a tank per se (despite what his armour & Ultimate might indicate), but he’s more of a damage dealer, who can dish out a lot of damage but can’t take much of it. He would likely be a mage or wizard class in most RPGs.

Best Build For Iron Man

A Little Bit of Everything

This Iron Man build focuses on melee, but with a bit of ranged damage thrown in for good measure. It’s always a good idea to fly away from trouble if you’re getting mobbed, then pick them off from a safe distance. 

Attributes to focus on: Might, Precision, Valor

Best gear perks: Lightweight Blitz, Gamma Capacitors, Faultless Spark

Skills to prioritize: Thruster Uppercut, Power Dive, Dive Amplifier, Micro Rockets, Scorched Earth, Javelin, Rocket Strike, Repulsor Strike, Energy Pulse, Arc Overload Specialization I and II.

Best Mastery (Lv15 & above): Combat: Melee Upgrade, Intrinsic Ability: Arc Reactor Efficiency and Overclock, Combat: Ranged Attack Mastery, Ranged: Ranged Weapon Mastery, Specialization and Efficiency.

NEXT: Black Widow, Thor, Captain America

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