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Fans of SNK’s 3v3 fighting game series The King of Fighters will not need to wait too long for the fifteenth(?) game.

The King of Fighters XV will have its first official reveal on 7th January 2021 (via IGN). The first three characters who are confirmed for the series are:

  • Kyo Kusanagi
  • Benimaru in a new Chinese getup without sleeves
  • Shun’ei

Shun’ei, who made his headphone-geared appearance in KOF XIV, will now be the game’s main protagonist. In addition, SNK will also announce the third season pass and characters for its other fighting game Samurai Shodown. And one of them is a character from old SNK title The Last Blade. I hope it’s Moriya and not another shoto like Kaede.

In the meantime, here’s the official character announcement news from KOF producer Yasuyuki Oda and director Eisuke Ogura. Honestly, the fact that it’s using the Maximum Impact font means that we might have some MI characters coming back.

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