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Nintendo Launch New Animation Studio Nintendo Pictures: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Halo Devs May Be Switching To Unreal Engine: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Roller Champions Dragon's Way Goes Live Tomorrow In A Free Update: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Here’s How The Samurai Shodown Characters Fight In KOF XV

SNK just dropped a new gameplay trailer for The King of Fighters XV's new Team Samurai, which consists of Samurai Shodown veterans Haohmaru and Nakoruru, and 2019 newcomer Darli Dagger. Samurai Shodown characters are known for their big damage and footsie plays, but these three swordwielders will be retrofitted into KOF XV's gameplay. That means...

KOF XV Samurai Shodown Team Announced; Shingo & Kim Kaphwan Coming In 2023

After The King of Fighters XV grand finals at EVO 2022, SNK made a slew of grand announcements. Chief of them is the next slew of DLC characters for KOF XV. First up is Team Samurai, which consists of characters from Samurai Shodown: Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darlie Dagger. The trailer only showed off the character models in-game (definitely lifte...

[Rumour] The King of Fighters XV Will Feature These DLC Characters & More Old Favourites

Someone at SNK might get fired. Or promoted, depending on how you look at it. The final few characters of 2D fighting game The King of Fighters XV have been confirmed (via Reddit). In fact, the game will feature a number of DLC characters who are from various SNK fighting games. They are... ...Kula, Maxima, and Elisabeth. ...

Guilty Gear Character Baiken Will Be In Samurai Shodown This August

The last DLC guest character for SNK weapons-based 2D fighting game Samurai Shodown will be arriving this week. Baiken, a Guilty Gear character, will be joining Haohmaru and company in a feudal fight to remember this 19th August. The one-armed well-endowed swordswoman will be bringing her brand of Guilty Gear samurai swordfighting with grappling...

SNK Remembers Last Blade With Its Latest Samurai Shodown Addition

Better late than never, eh? SNK makes a throwback to one of its revered fighting games onto 2019's Samurai Shodown in DLC form. That's right: Hibiki from The Last Blade games makes her way into the game as a guest DLC character, putting her issen sword technique & fast running speed to great use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5PWE3kwwa...

The King of Fighters XV Is Revealed; Looks Cartoony Than Ever

After a short delay, SNK finally reveals its next King of Fighters fighting game: The King of Fighters XV. The trailer features the following characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Shi'en, K', Leona, Benimaru, and Mai Shiranui. Apart from the colourful art style and some close-up action, not much is revealed, at least until next week. Furthermore, SNK will b...

We’ll Be Getting Our First Look At The King of Fighter XV Next Year

Fans of SNK's 3v3 fighting game series The King of Fighters will not need to wait too long for the fifteenth(?) game. The King of Fighters XV will have its first official reveal on 7th January 2021 (via IGN). The first three characters who are confirmed for the series are: Kyo Kusanagi Benimaru in a new Chinese getup without sleeves S...

Guess Who Owns The Majority Of SNK Now?

Never thought we'd see a figurehead of a country take over one of the 90s most prominent arcade game-making companies. In recent news via Twitter's Gatoray_KOF, SNK's majority of shares has been purchased by the Saudi-based Electronic Gaming Development Company; about 33.3 percent. That's not all though: the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salm...

Japan’s Fighting Game Publishers To Host Roundtable Live Stream This Weekend

There may be no EVO 2020, but at least we'll have the best fighting game makers in the business converge and talk industry stuff this weekend. Arc System Works, Arika, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Koei Tecmo, and SNK will be hosting the Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable this 1st August at 8am GMT+8. The companies' respective directors and producer...

All The Games On Tonight’s New Game+ Expo Online Stream

It's close to the end of June and it's still 2020, which means we have more online expos with brand new game showcases. The New Game+ Expo focuses on titles from Sega, Atlus, SNK, Wayforward, and many other third-party companies with those lovely niche games and Japanese export titles. So yeah, steel your expectations if you're hoping for somethin...

Epic Games Store Grabs Nine More Exclusives In 2020

Yes, Epic Games Store exclusives. The dreaded words. Alas, there is no running from this, and it's worth knowing what Epic has gotten their hands on this time. The new batch of exclusives was announced as part of the Epic Game Store's Spring 2020 update, and there are nine titles in total. These are: Control: The Foundation (27 March 2020) https:/...

One Of Samurai Shodown’s Prominent Zoners Will Be Out Later This Month

Who needs swords and ninja dogs when a good ol' bow and arrow can suffice? That's basically Mina Majikina's train of thought when she makes her 3D-slash-2D debut in 2019's best fighting game Samurai Shodown.  SNK just dropped a trailer recently, stating that the bow and arrow girl (alongside her pet Chample) will be available this 26th February...

Here Is Your EVO Japan 2020 Stream Schedule [Update]

*This article is still under development since the tournament schedule may not be final and may change at any given time. EVO Japan 2020 is tomorrow and will feature the best of Japan, Asia, and America duking it out for glory and the top spot in many fighting games. Said titles include Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Samur...

Kakuchopurei’s Best Of 2019: Samurai Shodown

There's always something sublime about having a fighting game return to form while also injecting something new in a competitive scene. The 2019 version of Samurai Shodown does just that with a ton of swordplay and with raw power. What it lacks in esports tailoring and flair -like with Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 these days- it makes up for it b...

Next Samurai Shodown DLC Character Packs A Big Fiery Pillar

SNK has just dropped another DLC character trailer for Samurai Shodown (2019). This time they're bringing back someone who's been known to switch between several different weapons. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKrYUMnof2Y&w=560&h=315] Wan-Fu is coming back to Samurai Shodown. His DLC will be released on 18 December 2019 and he...

Here’s Google Stadia Day One Lineup Of Games

In less than 10 days, the Google Stadia will finally be launching and the world will finally know whether Google's cloud gaming project is a peek into the future of gaming or another one of their projects that they will eventually kill off like Google Glass. On its launch day, the Stadia will have 12 games arriving along with it. Here's the full l...

Here’s The Latest Samurai Shodown Update Patch Notes & Basara Trailer

We've got two major Samurai Shodown news that's sure to keep the game's lifeblood a-flowing. First up, Basara's got a release date. The tricky combo-equipped giant shuriken wielder will be shadow teleporting his way into the roster this 15th October. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQuxWrV_H58 So who's left in the DLC pack? Kazuki will be out th...

These Are The 20 Games For The Neo Geo Arcade Stick

We talked about the Neo Geo Arcade Stick a while ago, but we don't know what games are in the machine. Now we do (via IT Media). Here's the full list: The King of Fighters ‘95 The King of Fighters ‘97 The King of Fighters ‘98 The King of Fighters ‘99 The King of Fighters 2000 The King of Fighters 2002 Fatal Fury Spe...

Samurai Shodown’s Latest Addition Is Still A Top Tier Pick

Samurai Shodown veterans may remember umbrella-wielding swordskid Shizumaru Hisame, known for dominating Samurai Shodown V Special tournaments alongside Kyoshiro, Ukyo, and Kusaregedo. https://youtu.be/yNzVnbdFzig?t=32 Welp, he's back in 2019's Samurai Shodown via a 16th September update. Unlike Kyoshiro however, he's anything but nerfed. Things...

The SNK Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Is An Entire Retro Console Inside A Controller

SNK has announced the Neo Geo Arcade Stick. Inspired by the classic Neo Geo CD's controller design, it is essentially an entire retro gaming console in the form of controller. It comes with over 20 pre-installed games. The company has yet to reveal what any of these games are, but they will likely include iconic titles like King of Fighters, Fa...

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