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Bandai Namco released a new video detailing Tales of Arise’s new combat system.

Game producer Yusuke Tomizawa and director Hirokazu Kagawa talks about how the battle system in the Tales of games have evolved throughout the years. Due to the past games adding on more layers and unneeded complexity, Tales of Arise’s combat will be designed so that it’s an “action RPG that can be enjoyed by everybody”. The new battle system is in 3D as you can tell from past gameplay previews; it now features a “Counter Edge” system that rewards players for being defensive and exploiting enemy openings.

The devs also added Boost Attack and Boost Strike systems; this is added to provide a good tempo to the battle, leading to a satisfying final move while highlighting a specific character’s speciality.

As a bonus, the game’s art director Minoru Iwamoto talks about the high-quality motion capture work on each character’s faces & movement during cutscenes and non-combat moments. Check them out on the gameplay footage and feature below.

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