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This guide will be updated periodically. Tribes of Midgard is a pretty new game with tons of yet-to-be-discovered tips & tricks.

Tribes of Midgard is yet another action RPG survival game with Norse and viking elements, but done in an isometric viewpoint. If you need some tips for this game either for PC or your PlayStation console, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re playing the game solo or with 9 other friends, you should know that this survival-savvy action RPG is no slouch. The worlds are randomized and you have to survive as long as you can until the tree you’re protecting in the middle of your village gets destroyed. At the very least, these tips should help get you far with the randomized biomes you’re given.

You Need Souls To Get Ahead

When you start exploring the world, collect everything you can that’s not nailed down from stone to leather. Every action you take provides you with souls from chopping wood/crafting to taking down giants. You’ll earn a good amount of souls from doing stuff in Tribes of Midgard.

You need to spend souls on just about everything you need, be it increasing your tree’s health to upgrading village NPCs (so they can fight well and not die in one hit), to even buffing up your structures, defenses, and weapons. However, you need to spend wisely and not splurge all of it. Keep at least a couple of hundred souls for emergencies.

Level Up Your NPCs To A Decent Level

Your NPCs can grow in power too. To do this, feed them with the souls you collect.

Here’s the question: who should you level up first though? Start with the tinker first. Once she’s at level 3 she can craft items like stone blocks, iron ingots, and wood planks you can use to build gates and archery towers to help protect your village.

The next NPCs you should focus on is your blacksmith and armourer to gain access to better gear. The alchemist is also useful since they can craft powerful potions and even heat and frost protection potions for later areas.

Find Shrines For Fast Travel Convenience

You can use a rune to teleport back to your village, but that’s only one way back to your home and there’s a lengthy cooldown. For regular fast travel, you’ll need to discover shrines in the randomized world you’re in.

Keep an eye on your minimap when you’re exploring; you’ll eventually spot a grey-coloured eight-pointed star that symbolizes a shrine. Activate it by pressing F. Then on the map, you just need to click on another active shrine to be teleported to it. The best part? There’s no cooldown when using shrines to go back and forth to your home.

Water Is Deadly

In Tribes of Midgard, you can’t swim. Then again, your enemies cannot as well. You can’t walk and run straight into the water since there’s an invisible foolproof barrier protecting players. However, you can accidentally roll or dodge into it. So be careful. However, since enemies have to walk around bodies of water to get to you, use this to your advantage.

You Can Chop Down Trees With Alternate Attacks

If you’re out gathering wood by chopping down trees and your axe breaks, you should get back to your village to repair it or craft a new one. But there are other ways to chop down trees in a pinch.

Swinging a sword with a normal attack won’t damage trees, but your alternate attacks will (by right-clicking). And some enemies do damage to the environment while they’re attacking or chasing you, particularly the bigger ones like ogres. You can kite enemies around and have them knock down trees while they’re chasing you.

Keep Your Gear In Tip Top Shape

The repair bench is located on the east side of your village, up some wooden stairs and close to the big storage chest on the raised landing. To find it, look for Steinar the blacksmith when you’re in the village. He’s marked on the minimap with an anvil icon. The blacksmith is standing near the steps you need, just move directly south of him and run up the steps toward the right side of the screen.

You don’t need iron or wood or any other physical resources to repair your weapons, you only need souls, which we detailed earlier. When you’re at the repair bench, clicking on a piece of gear will show you how many souls you need to repair it.

Drop Your Resources Into The War Chest

When you’re killed out in the world, you’ll drop your resources where your body falls and you’ll have to travel back to collect them. Except for your weapon and gear, thankfully; you keep that. You do not want to be holding onto resources when you’re out and about.

So whenever you visit your village, you should always dump your haul in the war chest. It’s located on the east side of the village, near the repair bench.

Anything in the war chest can be used by village NPCs for crafting—you don’t need to have the resources in your personal inventory for them to be used. In co-op, it’s a good way to share resources with your fellow Vikings, too. And putting items in the chest means you won’t lose them when you die.

Check The Quest Boards For Rewards

On the Quest Board in your village, you’ll find quests you can undertake in the world. In fact, you’ll need to complete a few if you want to succeed. Quests provide quest fragments, a reward needed to unlock the lair of the final boss, so check the board for quests every so often and get them done while you’re out exploring.

The quest board is located in the north of the village, just to the right of where the village healer is standing.

Watch Out For The Blood Moon

Every few nights you’ll receive a warning that the blood moon is rising. You can probably tell from the name that it’s not a good thing. A blood moon means the approaching night is going to be tough, because the Helthings attacking your village during a blood moon will be especially powerful.

When you see the blood moon warning, make sure you get back to town immediately, and get geared up and healed for a long night of combat in your village.


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