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Mihoyo has recently sanctioned the commercial production of fan merchandise, meaning that’s good news for the doujin community. Of course, this also means a lot of products will be made like a special mousepad featuring Zhongli and his “man tiddies”. This new development takes the cake, though.

Fan artist Jiji has unofficially designed and produced male contraceptives using Zhongli’s face. Yep, we have Zhongli condoms up for grabs; check out the tweet below.

The condoms are made without harmful chemicals, doesn’t contain spermicide, and is fragrance-free. It also includes a visual diagram on how to use a condom.

These birth control devices are not for sale, yet. You may want to keep an eye on Jiji’s Twitter account for updates. I guess using Zhongli is fitting, given that his role is to protect the entire party with his Geo Elemental powers. In this case, he’s protecting people from STDs.

We at KKP say that safe sex is important, so we endorse these kinds of tools. In the meantime, here are some lame quips to go along with this Zhongli story:

  • Hold on, babe. I’ve got to get my Zhongdom.
  • Elemental Burst Effect: Shields you from massive responsibility.
  • I’m sure it’ll fit on my Geo Pillar.
  • I’ll make you feel like a 5-star gacha after 10 minutes.

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