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You can (not) uninstall this next piece of news from your mind.

Laptop makers MSI are teaming up with Evangelion Project (esports brand themed with Evangelion stuff) to launch a new line of Neon Genesis Evangelion-branded PC gear. If you love combinations of purple and green, you’ll want to check these bad boys up. High-speed elevators not included, of course.

The MSI x e:Project consists of a motherboard, AIO liquid cooler, power supply, and PC case all decked in Evangelion Unit-01 colours. This set is clearly for those who are still humming Cruel Angel’s Thesis to this day. If you have the cash, here’s the list of parts you can get:

The parts are not out in Malaysian MSI stores yet, but we’ll let you know if they are. In any case, anime fans who love to build their own PCs should consider adding a bit more purple parts into their master race gaming lives.

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