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The Most Popular Elden Ring Characters & Bosses According To Japan

A new Elden Ring survey and its results have popped up, which is what you would expect from a hit RPG series featuring a plethora of colourful characters in a world dead-set on curbstomping your face in.

The survey was done by Japan’s Weekly Famitsu (via Frontline Japan), with about 1,700 people answering it. We’ll break it down:

  • The most popular character in Elden Ring is Ranni the Witch (unsurprisingly), with Alexander at second place and Blaidd the half-man half-wolf Guts stand-in at third place.
  • The most popular boss in Elden Ring are Starscourge Radahn at first place, Malenia at second place, and Margit the Fell Omen (both fights) at third place. These three bosses have awesome set pieces and battle stages, so this is really not a shock.
  • The locations that left an impression on players include Caelid, Lilmgrave, and Leyndell at the top three spot respectively.
  • The best class in Elden Ring is the Vagabond, with Samurai and Prisoner close behind. The third choice was probably Berserk-related.
  • The best weapon in the game is the katana, probably because of the multitude of Bleed builds you can find. Katanas are the only weapons that can inflict Bleed on default.

The full top 10 list is below. In any case, the Elden Ring hype is still ongoing. And justifiably so; we gave it a glowing review.

Best Elden Ring Character/NPC

  1. Ranni the Witch: 918
  2. Iron Fist Alexander: 579
  3. Blaidd: 335
  4. Millicent: 266
  5. Melina: 260
  6. Patches: 242
  7. Sorceress Sellen: 204
  8. Rya: 164
  9. Blackguard Big Boggart: 95
  10. Smithing Master Hewg: 94

Best Elden Ring Boss

  1. Starscourge Radahn: 687
  2. Malenia, Blade of Miquella: 658
  3. Margit, the Fell Omen: 443
  4. Tree Sentinel: 216
  5. Maliketh, the Black Blade: 206
  6. Elden Beast: 188
  7. Godrick the Grafted: 176
  8. Crucible Knight: 158
  9. Radagon of the Golden Order: 149
  10. Hoarah Loux, Warrior: 137

Best Class In Elden Ring

  1. Vagabond: 427
  2. Samurai: 424
  3. Prisoner: 153
  4. Confessor: 127
  5. Astrologer: 126
  6. Wretch: 108
  7. Hero: 101
  8. Warrior: 92
  9. Bandit: 75
  10. Prophet: 53

Best Weapons In Elden Ring

  1. Katanas: 841
  2. Greatswords: 641
  3. Medium shields: 504
  4. Staves: 411
  5. Curved swords: 389
  6. Colossal swords: 385
  7. Sacred seals: 333
  8. Bows: 324
  9. Greatshields: 281
  10. Straight swords: 280

Best Weapon Skills/Ashes of War

  1. Bloodhound Step: 589
  2. Transient Moonlight: 228
  3. Parry: 192
  4. Rivers of Blood: 190
  5. Hoarfrost Stomp: 189
  6. Flame of the Redmanes: 170
  7. Bloody Slash: 120
  8. Sword Dance: 115
  9. Seppuku: 101
  10. Golden parry: 92

Best Spirit Ashes/Summons

  1. Mimic Tear Ashes: 721
  2. Black Knife Tiche: 586
  3. Spirit Jellyfish Ashes: 308
  4. Latenna the Albinauric: 164
  5. Lone Wolf Ashes: 137
  6. Greatshield Soldier Ashes: 128
  7. Skeletal Militamen Ashes: 124
  8. Lhutel the Headless: 106
  9. Banished Knight Oleg Ashes: 99
  10. Redmane Knight Ogha: 68

Best Spells/Sorceries/Incantations

  1. Comet Azur: 240
  2. Golden Vow: 190
  3. Adula’s Moonblade: 163
  4. Rock Sling: 152
  5. Flame, Cleanse Me: 137
  6. Glintstone Pebble: 134
  7. Loretta’s Greatbow: 116
  8. Flame, Grant Me Strength: 115
  9. Meteorite of Aster: 94
  10. Lightning Spear/Ranni’s Dark Moon: 86 (Tie)

Image credit: Isacchili (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)


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