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Street Fighter 6 Kimberly & Juri Officially Revealed [Update]

Update (8/8/2022): The trailers for both characters are up via EVO 2022 after the Street Fighter 5 finals. Also, official pics and screenshots added.
Update (29/8/2022): Kimberly & Juri music tracks added.

Street Fighter 6 will be getting a couple of new characters in its ever-growing roster, though this happened by accident.

Capcom’s German Twitter account (via ResetEra) accidentally leaked two characters in the game, presumably for the intended reveal during EVO 2022’s Street Fighter 5 top 8 tournament which will happen early morning Monday 8th August GMT+8. The posts have obviously been deleted, but the internet never forgets.

Here are the two characters along with the Twitter descriptions:

Kimberly, The Ninja

“Kimberly invited herself to be Guy’s student in the art of bushinryu. She is infatuated with 80’s pop culture, which is why she always carries a portable cassette player with her.

As a devoted student to Bushinryu, Kimberly has trained body and mind in order to execute traditional ninja techniques. Street Fighter fans may recognize a few of Kimberly’s special moves from Guy or Zeku’s kits such as Sprint, a swift dash forward, which can be followed up with a variety of moves depending on the situation. Nue Twister is an air throw where Kimberly grabs an airborne opponent and smashes them into the ground below.

Being a spunky new ninja, Kimberly incorporates an urban twist to reimagine what Bushinryu means to her. She uses Genius at Play to stock up on a spray can, which can then be thrown to the ground as a Shuriken Bomb. During Hidden Variable, Kimberly conceals herself in colorful smoke before instantly appearing in front of the opponent for a surprise attack.”

Here are Kimberly’s Super Arts:

Bushin Beats (1 Stock) – Kimberly rushes forward and knocks down an opponent, then follows up with a flurry of attacks. If a Shuriken Bomb is stocked up, Kimberly uses it to add additional damage.

Bushin Scramble (2 Stocks) – Kimberly sends the opponent into the air and parkours along the edge of the stage pelting them with mid-air attacks, then ensnares them with a dive bomb-like attack.

Bushin Ninjastar Cypher (3 Stocks) – Get ready to drop the beat! Kimberly detonates an arsenal of spray cans around the opponent culminating in a chromatic graffiti tag on the ground.

Juri, The Sadist

“Juri is still a thrill seeker and takes great pleasure in destroying her enemies. Her main motivation used to be revenge against M. Bison, but since his fall in Street Fighter 5, all she cares about is the next thrill.

Juri’s signature Fuhajin returns where she performs an upwards kick and stores Fuha stocks upon completion. Saihasho, Ankensatsu, and Go Ohsatsu are special moves that can be performed without Fuha stocks, but they become more powerful and can be chained together when Fuha stocks are available. This opens up more creative options for Juri’s playstyle and can take an opponent off guard.”

Juri’s Super Arts are as follows:

Sakkai Fuhazan (1 Stock) – Juri fires multiple ki blasts with a kick and follows it up with another giant ki blast to knock an opponent away.

Feng Shui Engine (2 Stocks) – First appearing as an Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV then a V-Trigger in Street Fighter V, Feng Shui Engine returns as a Super Art. Juri unleashes the power of the Feng Shui Engine embedded in her eye, allowing her to cancel normal moves into other normal moves or even unique moves.

Kaisen Dankai Raku (3 Stocks) – Straight from Super Street Fighter IV, Juri unleashes the full power of the Feng Shui Engine to perform a brutal sequence of attacks fitting for the vengeful sadist.

Check out both their gameplay below: Kimberly fights using ninja tech and hit-and-run moves, as well as comes with her Izuna drop. Juri has her SF4 and SF5 moves back, though we don’t see her projectiles. We do see her using a special Drive move where she pushes forward and chains attacks with ease.

Kimberly Artwork & Screenshots

Juri Artwork & Screenshots

We’ll most likely see gameplay of the two characters tomorrow morning during the SF5 top 8 tournament. And maybe more, who knows? Kimberly was teased a few months ago during Street Fighter 6’s debut gameplay reveal, while Juri was confirmed in an earlier leak among other additions like Ken, Rashid, and Akuma.

Street Fighter 6 will be out in 2023 for consoles and PC.

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