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New Tales From The Borderlands Trailer Reveals 18 Minutes Of Gameplay

In case you wanted a deeper look at the upcoming adventure game set in the Borderlands universe, Gearbox has you covered.

The company showcased 18 minutes of gameplay during PAX West, featuring the following characters who will be the main focus:

  • Anuradha Dahr – Although Anuradha (Anu) might be uncomfortable in social settings, she has no problem-solving problems! Anu can see complex calculus, probabilities, and solve puzzles with her Tech Glasses. This do-gooder dreams of a world where no one has to kill to get ahead.
  • Octavio Wallace Dahr – Anu’s adopted brother, Octavio, can be a bit full of himself. According to him, he is Meridian City’s most popular citizen with a long list of contacts to back it up. His ability to access information is like no other! Octavio’s big break hasn’t come just yet but he desperately wants to own a business and make loads of cash.
  • Fran Miscowicz – Fran brings all the action from her gadget-packed hover chair. Fran’s frogurt shop was hit by a Maliwan laser, and now is out for vengeance on the people that destroyed her shop. She’ll stop at nothing to protect her friends along the way and hopefully receive the much-owed insurance payout, or the insurance company is going to have to deal with her directly.

While I rather just shoot down half the people in the game instead of relying on dialogue choices for the same outcome, this will appeal to some folks who loved Tales From The Borderlands from Telltale Games back in the day. Thus, I will keep an open mind and see how Gearbox’s writing chops are for this upcoming adventure title.

The trailer & features list are below. Game’s coming out 21st October:

  • Every Choice Matters – Every choice you make can impact how your story unfolds, often in unexpected ways. Only by playing through the game will you fully understand how your decisions can change the Borderlands;
  • Impact of Quick Time Events – Succeeding at or failing QTEs has a tangible impact on your adventure, sometimes leading to a premature conclusion and other times shaping your story in unexpected ways;
  • Immersive Visuals – In addition to stunning environments, New Tales from the Borderlands utilizes vastly improved movement and facial animations, using performance capture and facial mapping technology for the first time ever in a Borderlands title.

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