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The Elder Scrolls Online Legacy Of The Bretons Autumn Event Livestream Happens Next Week

The Elder Scrolls Online will be hosting the Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event live stream and will reveal new details surrounding this year’s final story DLC, Firesong, as well as give players a closer look into the various adventures surrounding the final chapter.The Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event live stream will be live on Twitch.tv/Bethesda on Friday, 30 September 2022 at 3am GMT+8. During this special event, members of the ESO community and development teams will give an exclusive look into the upcoming Firesong DLC including its story, setting, characters, and challenges. In addition to the DLC deep dive, there will also be announcements revealing 2022’s upcoming events for the ESO community.Fans who tune in to watch the stream will also earn an assortment of rewards! For those who watch the stream for at least 15 minutes will receive a Clouded Senche-Leopard Cub pet and an Ouroborus Crown Crate as Twitch drops. Those who continue watching will have the opportunity to earn more. Viewers must link their ESO accounts to Twitch to receive these rewards.Alongside the main show on Thursday, the ESO global community team will also be hosting a series of supporting live streams in French and Spanish and then following the main show, will host a variety of recap shows.

Check out the complete list below.Thursday, September 29Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event—Discovering the News (ES)

  • Who: Eurogamer
  • When: Thursday, September 29 at 3PM EDT | September 30 at 5AM AEST
  • Where: Twitch.tv/Eurogamer_ES

Recapping the News from the ESO Special Event (BR-PT)

  • Who: Bethesda Brazil team and Mestre Frooke
  • When: Thursday, September 29 at 7PM EDT | September 30 at 9AM AEST
  • Where: Twitch.tv/MestreFrooke

Friday, September 30Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event UK Recap (UK)

  1. Who: UK Community Manager Ophelia and Stream Team members Dawnwhisper, kayPOWXD and Xynode
  2. When: Friday, September 30 at 9AM EDT | September 30 at 11PM AEST
  3. Where: Twitch.tv/Bethesda

Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event Benelux Recap (BLX)

  1. Who: Bethesda BLX team
  2. When: Friday, September 30 at 11AM EDT | October 1 at 1AM AEST
  3. Where: Twitch.tv/Bethesda_NL

ESO Autumn Event Recap (ME)

  1. Who: Abu Dahm and the Bethesda Middle East team
  2. When: Friday, September 30 at 12PM EDT | October 1 at 2AM AEST
  3. Where: Twitch.tv/AbuDahmYT

What’s New in ESO’s Autumn Update (TR)

  1. Who: Emin Citak
  2. When: Friday, September 30 at 1PM EDT  | October 1 at 3AM AEST
  3. Where: Twitch.tv/EminCitak

Special Event: The Elder Scrolls Online Autumn Event (ES-MX)

  1. Who: “3GordosB”, Luisanc, and Bethesda LATAM team
  2. When: Friday, September 30 at 9PM EDT | October 1 at 11AM AEST
  3. Where: Twitch.tv/3gordosb

Tuesday, October 4Discussion and Summary of the Autumn Event (DE)

  1. Who: Community Manager Kai Schober, German ESO streamers, and ESO Creative Director Rich Lambert
  2. When: Tuesday, October 4 at 1PM EDT | October 5 at 4AM AEDT
  3. Where: Twitch.tv/Bethesda_DE

ESO Autumn Event Post-Show Recap (FR)

  1. Who: Bethesda FR team and Stream Team members Deastre and Artesio
  2. When: Tuesday, October 4 at 12PM EDT | October 5 at 3AM AEDT
  3. Where: Twitch.tv/Bethesda_FR

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