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Kakuchopurei Proudly Presents: Liga Esports Antara Parlimen 2023 (LEAP 2023)

You are not ready for this.

Kakuchopurei.com is proud to bring you Liga Esports Antara Parlimen a.k.a LEAP – the first of its kind, perhaps in the world – an inter-parliamentary esports league, kicking off its inaugural season in 2023. 

Liga Esports Antara Parlimen (LEAP) is an original Kakuchopurei initiative to raise a new generation of esports athletes in Malaysia.

LEAP is the brainchild of Kakuchopurei’s solution of making esports accessible to everyone at the grassroots level. In the long run, we aim to see grassroots esports circuits bloom regardless of their respective locations, supported by local communities. 

The LEAP initiative aims to fulfill 3 goals:


Short Term:

  • To encourage grassroots-level development of esports.
  • To provide the best opportunity and fast track to the competitive video games and esports scene, in collaboration with the MPs in participating constituencies.


Mid Term:

  • To establish a unified national-level esports circuit in Malaysia – Initiate a sense of pride for representing one’s local community.
  • To cast a wider net for professional esports establishments to scout raw talent nationwide.
  • To help promote grassroots esports as a national initiative supported by corporate entities and govt agencies. Imagine your local esports teams sponsored by local businesses and companies; that is the ecosystem LEAP aims to cultivate.


Long Term:

  • To build an inclusive and sustainable esports economy.
  • To ensure video games and esports are treated and seen on par with traditional sports and as a viable career path.

Our dream is to build a fully-realized esports circuit consisting of all 222 Parliamentary constituencies that also serve as an international tourist draw. 

LEAP 2023 – Pilot Program

LEAP 2023 will be treated as the pilot program and proof-of-concept for this initiative.  

For the inaugural LEAP 2023 event, two parliamentary constituents have been identified; 

  • Setiawangsa (P118) – MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad
  • Bangi (P102) – MP Syahredzan Johan 


Where and when?

  • 4th March 2023 – Setiawangsa Qualifiers – Within Setiawangsa constituency 
  • 11th March 2023 – Bangi Qualifiers – Within Bangi constituency 
  • 18th March 2023 – ‘Grand Final’ – Location TBA

The event will be hosted in June. The qualifiers will be for each constituency/zone, with the grand finals to follow suit within the same month.


What games and esports titles will be featured in the contests?

  • We are still finalizing the titles but it is safe to assume we will be including popular and upcoming titles alike. LEAP will also serve as a stage to showcase local game developers, esports athletes, and content creators.
  • No age limit for all games contested
  • Rules and Regulations for participants will be released soon, along with the Registration Info.

The one-day events in June (dates to be confirmed) will be to determine the representatives for the game titles contested. 

These respective participants will go against representatives of the other constituency in the same month of June.

Moving forward, and obviously depending on response and feedback, we aim to run AT LEAST two separate LEAP events annually.

For this first edition, the two constituents mentioned above serve as ground zero for LEAP. Interested MPs and Parliamentary Constituents are encouraged to contact us if they are keen to be part of future editions. 

We have to emphasize that MPs from ANY coalition are welcome to participate.

For further info and sponsorship opportunities, feel free to contact us via any of our social media links or email us at kenn@kakuchopurei.com

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Kakuchopurei Facebook

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