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ECHO Send ONIC Esports To M4’s Lower Bracket

The M4 World Championship of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is nearing its end with just six teams remaining in the Knockout Stage: Blacklist International, ECHO, ONIC Esports, RRQ Hoshi, Falcon Esports, and The Valley. RRQ Akira was eliminated on Day 6, leaving The Valley and ONIC Esports as the only remaining teams from the Americas. The next match will feature a rivalry between Indonesia and the Philippines, with ECHO facing Blacklist International, and ONIC Esports taking on The Valley in the Lower Bracket.


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The Valley vs. RRQ Akira

RRQ Akira and The Valley faced off in a high-stakes match in the Lower Bracket Knockout Stage of the M4 World Championship on 12 January. The match was a do-or-die situation as the losing team would be eliminated and placed 7th or 8th in the tournament, taking home a prize of US$30,000. The match was played in a Best of Five format, with the first team to earn three points advancing to the next round. The Valley had the initial advantage, but RRQ Akira tied the score 1-1. The match then became increasingly intense, with The Valley ultimately delivering a stronger performance, winning 3-1. As a result, RRQ Akira was eliminated from the tournament, while The Valley moved on to the next round to face ONIC Esports.

Game 1

The first match between RRQ Akira and The Valley was intense. Despite being behind multiple times, RRQ Akira never gave up and continuously pushed forward. RRQ Akira used Claude, Martis, Pharsa, Mathilda, and Joy, while The Valley used Yve, Karrie, Grock, Khufra, and Karina.

In the beginning, RRQ Akira’s jungler was defeated due to the strong collaboration between The Valley’s Grock and Khufra. However, RRQ Akira still attempted to gain objectives to catch up. Eventually, a battle broke out in the 13th minute where RRQ Akira attempted to capture the second Lord, but due to a mistake, they were defeated by The Valley’s players until they were completely wiped out.

This caused The Valley to shift their focus to RRQ Akira’s main base, ultimately leading to a 1-0 victory for The Valley. Additionally, Grock from FwydChickn celebrated by intentionally dying at the opponent’s base.

Game 2

The loss in the previous match fueled RRQ Akira’s determination in the second match, as they sought to take revenge on The Valley by dismantling their defence. This time, RRQ Akira chose Karrie, Akai, Pharsa, Chou, and Grock, while The Valley used Yve, Harith, Yu Zhong, Khufra, and Granger.

RRQ Akira had a clear advantage in terms of objectives, as they successfully captured the Turtle twice and the Lord three times without reply. This proved to be crucial as the third Lord helped RRQ Akira gain an edge against their opponent.

During the match, both teams’ junglers fell, which allowed RRQ Akira’s Gold Laner, Gustalagusta to secure the Lord without any resistance from The Valley. The presence of the Lord led RRQ Akira to victory and tied the score at 1-1.

Game 3

The third match proved to be a turning point for The Valley, as they displayed greater confidence by selecting Yve, Claude, Thamuz, Lolita, and Karina as their heroes. On the other hand, RRQ Akira chose Beatrix, Fredrinn, Valentina, Grock, and Lapu Lapu as their heroes.

At the start of the match, RRQ Akira had a clear advantage and were ahead in terms of gold. However, starting at the 7th minute, The Valley began to turn the tide. The climax occurred during the struggle for the second Lord where RRQ Akira, unable to secure the Lord, made a mistake and were defeated one by one until they were wiped out. Without waiting for Lord’s reinforcements, The Valley then marched straight towards RRQ Akira’s main base via the bottom lane.

As a result, The Valley officially closed the match in the 13th minute with a gold difference of almost 10,000. FwydChickn, who played the hero Thamuz, was named the MVP of the match.

Game 4

In the crucial fourth match, The Valley’s mid laner Hoon was not able to use his preferred hero Yve, as RRQ Akira had already secured it. As a result, The Valley used Lylia, Claude, Lapu Lapu, Grock, and Fredrinn as their heroes. Meanwhile, RRQ Akira used Harith, Martis, Yve, Chou, and Grock as their heroes.

RRQ Akira was not given much opportunity to gain objectives, as Lapu-Lapu from FwydChickn frequently disrupted their defence and The Valley’s EXP laner often initiated fights, limiting RRQ Akira’s mobility. By the 10th minute, the gold margin between the teams had reached 8,000.

This proved to be very beneficial for MobaZane and The Valley, who were optimistic about winning the match and often taunted RRQ Akira while still in the Land of Dawn. Without the help of a second Lord, The Valley closed the match in the 12th minute with a win.


ONIC Esports vs. ECHO

In a match between the strongest regions, ECHO faced off against ONIC Esports and amassed over 2.8 million viewers according to Esports Charts. The Filipino orcas had a slight advantage throughout the match but were careful not to overextend. Despite ONIC having the home advantage, ECHO won the first game of the series. However, the home team fought back and won the second game, with their star Jungler Kairi being named MVP. ECHO then came back with a vengeance, easily winning the third game and putting ONIC on match point. The fourth game was a close contest with both teams exchanging control, but ECHO ultimately emerged victorious and advanced to the upper bracket final for an all-Filipino match-up.

Game 1

The opening match between ONIC Esports and ECHO was marked by intense back-and-forth attacks. ECHO used a lineup of Joy, Kaja, Fredrinn, Xavier, and Melissa, while ONIC Esports countered with Lunox, Grock, Granger, Khufra, and Valentina.

ONIC Esports was aggressive in the early game, with Kairi on Granger getting the first blood against Yawi‘s Kaja. However, ONIC Esports struggled to keep up with ECHO during fights and ECHO was able to secure objectives more easily. ECHO often made breakthroughs, but ONIC Esports’ defence was able to block many attacks.

Before the fourth Lord battle, ECHO successfully defeated Kiboy and CW giving them the advantage and they immediately secured the Lord and moved towards ONIC Esports’ base turrets. One by one the heroes fell and it became difficult for ONIC Esports to defend, forcing them to give up the first points to ECHO.

Game 2

In the second match, ONIC Esports was more cautious in selecting their heroes and chose Moskov, Lapu Lapu, Hayabusa, Kaja, and Yve. ECHO Philippines picked Yu Zhong, Khufra, Chou, Pharsa, and Karrie. ONIC Esports played with more discipline than in their previous game and were able to set the tempo of the game early on.

The performance of Kairi and CW was particularly outstanding, as Kairi’s deadly strikes on Hayabusa and CW’s high-damage Moskov surprised ECHO’s players. ONIC Esports’ solid play allowed them to maintain their lead.

The climax of the match occurred in the 19th minute when ECHO, who managed to secure the second Lord, attempted to destroy ONIC Esports’ main base again. However, Kairi’s play and ONIC’s excellent defence turned the situation around, allowing ONIC Esports to win and tie the score at 1-1.

Game 3

The previous match outcomes made the third match even tenser. Kairi was considered to be a disruptive force for ECHO, causing them to ban almost all heroes that Kairi could play, including Fanny, Hayabusa, Ling, Harith, and Martis.

ECHO, who had the first pick, chose Dyroth, Chou, Fredrinn, Faramis, and Claude as their heroes, while ONIC Esports went with Lesley, Barats, Kaja, Valentina, and Gloo. In this match, ECHO set the pace of the game again and played aggressively. They were also successful in securing objectives and maintaining a strong defence, not losing a single turret to ONIC Esports.

Finally, KarlTzy and his team were able to close the match in the 11th minute with the help of the first Lord. Faramis’ excellent play from Sanji gave ECHO their second win.

Game 4

ONIC Esports lost their fourth match against ECHO, losing their chance to advance to the upper bracket and being sent to the lower bracket with a heavy heart. The match was intense, with both teams close in kills and gold throughout the match. ONIC Esports had an early lead, securing the second Lord, but ECHO’s defence was solid and they were able to turn the match around by securing the third Lord and pushing towards ONIC Esports’ main base, resulting in their defeat.

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